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Contact Center 2013: The Hub of Customer Interaction

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Man touching phone iconAs 2012 comes to a close, many of us are thinking about what might lie ahead in 2013.

What’s my prediction? In 2013, the market will feel the impact of simplified analytics solutions as customers begin to master analytic processes and measure results. Contact centers will become an increasingly valuable resource as the hub of customer interaction data, connecting and flooding information to the enterprise, making it more intelligent about its products, services and customers. Here’s how…

In a recent blog post, Calabrio’s Brian Humenansky shared great insight on the importance of big data and how we’re simplifying the collection and analytic processes. I would add that another essential step is for contact centers to ensure that you are also collecting and monitoring information from the other data and communication channels you have with customers. Whether it’s a sales report, a voice recording or posting on Facebook, customer communication permeates the business – not just the contact center itself. Businesses should think of themselves as one large contact center, constantly listening and talking to the customer through a broad set of mediums. By adopting scalable and flexible analytic solutions that simplify the integration and analysis of all communication streams, businesses large and small no longer have to be intimidated by this large amount of data, and will have the ability to launch powerful intelligence strategies.

Simplified analytic solutions make use of this data a reality. By melding physical and digital actions together, contact centers will analyze all forms of transactions from key strokes and spoken voice, to e-mails, online chats, tweets and Facebook postings. Contact centers will be able to easily correlate vast amounts of data into intelligent reporting that alerts the business of who, what, where, why and how a problem or opportunity started, as well as suggest how to solve or take advantage of it. No matter where an issue or trend originates, the contact center becomes a critically essential component in data analysis that drives customer service, product, marketing and operational improvements alike.

The future is bright for the contact center industry as they realize their ability to harness these powerful, comprehensive analytic solutions without cost, utilization and operational hurdles. Before you can say “two thousand and fourteen,” the contact center will be sharing powerful insights with their company’s decision-makers and demonstrating heightened strategic value throughout the enterprise.

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