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9 Ways Call Center Data Can Improve Customer Engagement

There’s no way around it: technology will continue to enhance the business landscape and companies will need to innovate in order the stay ahead of the competition. As artificial intelligence (AI) and other technologies become more common, customers are conscious of the shift, making it more important than ever for contact centers to quickly adapt [...]
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Keep calm and carry on: 5 Reasons for Intraday Scheduling in Contact Centers

Statistically, the majority of contact centers still use manual processes to adjust their intraday workforce scheduling but why play a constant game of catch-up? Dave Hoekstra of Calabrio outlines 5 reasons to invest in real-time management to balance the workload, achieve service levels and mop-up agent idle time. Intraday Management?  Real-Time Management?  Call it what [...]
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Idaho Central Credit Union: A “2019 Best in Class Contact Center” Runner Up

Anyone working in the contact center industry knows Customer Contact Week (CCW) to be the end-all, be-all event for customer experience, contact center and customer care professionals. That’s why we were thrilled to see Calabrio customer Idaho Central Credit Union (ICCU) named runner-up in the “Best in Class Contact Center, 100-199 seats” category in the […]

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Two Great Companies, One Great Customer Event. Don’t Miss C3!

This year’s annual customer event combinesthe Calabrio User Forum with Calabrio Customer Connect, which means the eventis supercharged to deliver premium content at an unbelievable location. AsCalabrio's WFM evangelist, I love spending time with our customers and reallyhelping them dig into their operations. It is without question my favorite weekof the year. The Calabrio and [...]
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5 Tips for Presenting Customer Information Data Across Your Organization

As advances in technology have empowered customers and increased their expectations, both the cost of losing a customer and the value of retaining one have grown. The need for accurate, ongoing insights into customer preferences and behavior is greater than ever. The traditional way businesses have tried to learn what their customers think was to […]

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Calling All Calabrio Superstars

From day one, we designed Calabrio ONE to quickly deliver tangible business value to contact centers around the world. From seamlessly handling fast-growing, inbound contact volumes and painlessly unifying disparate data sources to tapping rich voice of the customer (VoC) insights, users rely upon Calabrio to understand what their customers really want while benefitting from [...]
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5 Steps to Resolve Agent Evaluation Disputes

Picture this: you get a call from one of your agents and they don’t agree with their evaluation score. As a contact center manager you’ve mostly likely been here. So, what steps can you take to resolve the situation and make sure your agents are happy and aligned on contact center best practices? Here are […]

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7 Steps to CSR happiness

Employee attrition can contribute to increased operating costs. Learn why it pays to focus on CSR's (Customer Service Representatives) well-being using automated Workforce Management to inspire and motivate staff. Good customer service depends on experienced and knowledgeable employees, yet failure to retain these talented employees can have significant repercussions. Recent research from global management consultants [...]
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