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New Year, New Experience: Four Predictions for 2019

With every new year comes an opportunity for businesses to surprise and delight customers. And 2019 will be no different. Companies will continue to look for ways to engage customers during every touchpoint of their journey and, in the process, will become wiser to their changing and growing demands. In the coming year, customers will […]

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How Dynamic Availability Helps with Part-Time Agent Scheduling [Video]

Give employees the flexibility to choose when they want to work without increasing your administrative overhead. Watch this video from the Calabrio Academy to learn how to use dynamic availability to schedule seasonal staff.     Read the Transcript You hired and trained some college students this summer. They were great and you’re hoping to […]

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Turning customer journeys into profitable journeys

According to Carlos Muňoz at Calabrio, excellent customer service and business success are inextricably linked.  He explores how to transform your customer service from a cost center into a profit-making powerhouse using Workforce Management.  Is your customer service a tortoise or a hare?  This was the question we asked earlier this summer to explain why [...]
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Call Center Analytics 101–Everything You Always Wanted to Know

“Analytics” is one of the biggest buzzwords in the business world—and now the call center world is buzzing about it as well. But, as with most new technologies, exciting conversations about the potential tend to race ahead of the basics. To help you get started, we’ve put together everything you need to know about call [...]
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Guest Blog: Five important trends impacting customer service today and into 2019

What are some of the key trends that will mold business and customer service operations in 2019? Dick Bucci of Pelorus Associates, a market research, consulting, and marketing communications firm that specializes in the contact center industry, dives into 5 trends impacting customer service and which companies need to stay on top of. Pelorus Associates [...]
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Visualizing Call Center Analytics Tools In Action [Infographic]

Analytics tools reveal insights hidden in the call center and unlock the value of “big data.” For the typical multi-channel call center, capturing and analyzing customer interactions across all channels requires a suite of analytics tools. Here is a comprehensive look into what a typical call center analytics solution looks like. Check out our infographic […]

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Guest Blog: One of the biggest contact centre challenges and how to fix it

Disclaimer - the solution is not an easy fix and might even go against your instincts! We see it time and time again, Contact Centre Managers are constantly fighting the battle between meeting their service level agreements by having the right number of staff at the right time with the right skills, whilst also striving [...]
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Use Technology to Manage & Measure Workforce Engagement

In the past 50 years, technology has become a fundamental part of our daily lives. From smartphones to online shopping to the tools and systems we use at work, digital tools have automated and simplified repetitive and menial tasks—freeing up precious time so we can focus on more important things. While technology has certainly gifted […]

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