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How Agent Follow-up Can Increase Customer Retention After a Bad Experience [Video]

When a customer has a bad experience, it is often up to the contact center to turn the relationship around. Watch this video, brought to you from the Calabrio Academy, to discover five concrete steps agents can take in their follow-up to show the customer that your organization truly cares. How to Save a Customer […]

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Calabrio Builds on Promise of Easy, Personalized and Smart Solutions for Enterprises

Complexity in the contact center impacts the bottom line. And customer service interactions are projected to increase not just in volume, but also in complexity over the next two years as the mediums for customer engagement are changing and expanding. Add to that the challenge for enterprise organizations to manage their fast-paced, sprawling contact centers. […]

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How to Avoid the 5 Most Common Forecasting Mistakes

Whether it's receiving consistent service or communicating through the channel of their choice, today’s consumers demand more from the modern contact center. This includes first-call resolution and easy access via phone, email, chat or SMS. Not only that, the people working in call centers are expected to be super-agents with multiple skills and knowledge. At [...]
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3 Ways to Prepare Your Contact Center for Seasonal Staffing

If the holiday season is the most financially significant time of year for your company, then it’s also the busiest time for customer interactions in your contact center. Whether customers come to you for the first or tenth time, those interactions greatly affect their overall customer experience. We all know the best way to create […]

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A Guide to Call Center Sentiment Analysis

If you’re like me, you’ve misinterpreted more than your fair share of text messages because you couldn’t determine the intended emotion behind the words. Was the sender being serious? Sarcastic? Flippant? Unless you know the person—and their use of emoticons—figuring out what they really mean can be dicey. Contact center analytics can run into the [...]
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5 Strategies to Improve Agent Experience in the Call Center

Hot off the heels of our successful C3 events in Nashville and London, and all the great workforce engagement management (WEM) presentations I saw there, I’m reminded once again how tightly tied highly engaged employees are to superior customer experiences. You just can’t have one without the other. Leading contact centers know this, and—time and […]

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How to engage and develop the digital workforce: 8 best practices

Whether it’s mixing up training tactics or remembering the vitality of voice, engaging and developing customer service agents has never been more important as it is in today’s digital landscape. Rob Clarke, VP of Sales in North America, reflects on eight interesting initiatives from this year’s Calabrio Americas User Forum. Aberdeen Group found that customer [...]
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London Calling: Amplifying the Connection at C3 EMEA

Customers are the lifeblood of Calabrio and we are committed to providing our customers with the most innovative, modern solutions available. We, in turn, are inspired by the creative ways our customers solve problems with our software. Yesterday, we experienced their stories firsthand as we hosted our EMEA clients and partners at our Calabrio Customer […]

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