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How Contact Centers Can Make the Most of the IT Freeze

Fourth quarter, the holiday rush and Black Friday, there are myriad reasons why this time of the year is the most lucrative and—thereby important—season for businesses everywhere. Yet, as companies scramble to keep up with increased demand, they may also close off anything that could jeopardize their ability to earn as much revenue as possible. […]

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Guest Blog: The Trifecta of a Winning Organization

Following his presentation at Teleopti’s Americas User Forum, Russell Onofrio, Vice President, Call Centers, at Visit Nurse Service of New York, looks at flipping the corporate scenario and what really matters. “Most organizations continuously strive to achieve operational excellence, spend less effort understanding the customer experience and even less time on employee engagement. By combining [...]
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How Healthy is Your Contact Center?

In today’s competitive landscape, brands are recognizing that creating a first-rate customer experience is a significant differentiator and the key to establishing customer loyalty. At Calabrio, we know the value of the contact center and the critical role agents play in delivering on a brand’s promise—agents are a brand’s ambassadors during every single customer interaction. […]

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5 Management Strategies to Beat Black Friday and Cyber Monday

The holiday season marks the most important time of the year for many businesses, while the measure of success is placed on total sales, the work of a company’s contact center is equally important. Sales provide an immediate impact, but the contact center’s role in supporting the total customer experience ensures that impact is not […]

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Guest Blog: Skills and Benchmarking – Where to find the right agents for your contact center

The contact-center industry lacks visibility into job applicants’ capabilities across verticals and geographies. Brent Holland, EVP at FurstPerson, walks us through research on data captured from global contact-center applicants to help close the knowledge gap and provide insight into the relative strengths and limitations of talent pools. Contact centers are an efficient, cost-effective vehicle for [...]
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3 Ways Financial Companies Should Be Using VOC Data to Drive Revenue

Financial institutions are all about the numbers. Credit scores, income levels, tax brackets. You name a piece of big data and the financial industry has learned how to find it, measure it, slice it and dice it. Except when it comes to Voice of the Customer (VOC). VOC data has historically been extremely challenging to […]

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Much more than meets the eye: Repercussions of unhappy contact center agents

When it comes to WFM, there are some very important things that are generally not considered. What happens when contact-center agents, the frontline soldiers of your organization, are not happy? Traditionally, WFM adopted in the past has not been very accommodating to agents. Managers would create forecasts, plan and schedule – the latter often done [...]
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Top 5 Tips to Motivate Contact Center Agents

Your contact center agents are your company’s face to the outside world. They’re on the front-line with your customers every day—the employees you trust to maintain those critical buyer relationships. But the job of a contact center agent isn’t an easy one. And those roles are vulnerable to high turnover. It takes a special mindset to […]

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