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Tom’s Take on the Calabrio User Group’s 2013 Annual Event

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As I sit down to write my summary of the 2013 Calabrio User Group (CUG) National Summit, my thoughts center on how much we have accomplished as a company with the support of such extraordinary customers.

Calabrio customers have been truly integral to how far we’ve come in 6 short years. When we started as an independent company in 2007, Calabrio was virtually unknown to the market. But we had a vision and we had plan – one that centered on delivering a WFO and analytics product that lived up to all the promise – maybe even exceeded it – but wasn’t quite so difficult to own. Easy, personalized and smart has been our mantra. I remind customers of that mantra as I kick off every CUG National Summit. I share our vision of the future, and I ask our customers provide their feedback to influence that direction.

As evidenced by our growth, our customers believe in that vision – and they have absolutely contributed to it. This year I was proud to report that 64% of Calabrio product enhancements in the past 12 months were influenced by customer feedback. Is there another vendor that can make that claim? We believe our willingness to listen to our customers is unmatched in this industry.

It is one of the main reasons our new customers tell us they make the change to Calabrio.

In the span of 4 short years since I took over as President and CEO of Calabrio, I’m proud to say we’ve raised the bar. Today, Calabrio is one of the top WFO and analytics options in the market. As evidenced by Gartner, numerous industry analysts and consultants, countless product awards, and high customer satisfaction ratings, we have set a new standard for software usability in the WFO and analytics market.

As for a summary of the week, much of it looked like any software user group – roadmap sessions, sharing of new technology, customer case studies, and 1:1 training. What is truly unique about CUG – different from any other user group that I have ever been involved in – is the customer participation in planning, the networking energy, and the 3 hours we spend every year giving back as a group through a charity networking event.

As we wrap the 2013 CUG National Summit, I want to thank our customers for their trust and support. So much is changing in customer service process and technology, and with our customers, we resolve to stay a step ahead. Stay tuned.



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