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The Definitive Primer on Contact Center Employee Engagement

Happy contact center agents lead to happy customers and better business results.

There’s a massive shift underway in today’s contact center: yesterday’s focus on workforce optimization (WFO) is morphing into a new focus on employee engagement.

Yet—despite employee engagement’s critical role—most companies remain challenged to engage contact center employees.

Finding, training and keeping contact center staff while maintaining a high level of customer service is hard and expensive. In fact, 60 percent of respondents to a Saddletree Research survey cited reducing turnover and improving employee retention as their top priority.

If reducing turnover and improving your customer experience is a top priority for your organization, check out The Definitive Primer on Employee Engagement to learn:

  • Why you’re falling behind if all you do is Workforce Optimization
  • How to start engaging your contact center employees
  • Which employee engagement strategies are proven to be most effective

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