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Introducing Calabrio ONE v11

The new look of customer experience intelligence is here. Get ready to illuminate compelling insights and enrich human interactions.

The Way We Work: How a Vertical Media Player and Embedded Analytics Change the Game


With this release, Calabrio sets a new standard for ease of use, intelligence and customizability. Calabrio ONE’s intuitive UI was designed to capitalize on the way the human brain processes complex and large amounts of information, and personalized reports synthesize data into visual dashboards that allow users to keep relevant and actionable insights at their fingertips.

Experience v11 in Action

Calabrio ONE

Experience the industry’s first analytics-fueled customer experience intelligence suite, uncovering insights to elevate performance and improve the customer experience.

AI-Driven Analytics

Transform your contact center into a hub of customer-centric business intelligence with embedded predictive and prescriptive analytics.

Quality Management

Manage contact center quality with ease via a reimagined user interface and revolutionary media player with synchronized, vertical-scrolling of interaction data.

Workforce Management

Automatically optimize schedules. Build more accurate, reliable long-term forecasts and confidently drive strategic decision-making.

v11 At a Glance

Calabrio’s approach to embedding analytics throughout Calabrio ONE goes beyond the industry standard of bolt-on business intelligence tools. And new in v11, a transformed interface and modern, intuitive design aligns with how users process large amounts of complex information.

You’re Invited to a “What’s New in v11” Webinar

Join us for a first look at Calabrio ONE v11, and witness the new look of customer experience intelligence. Calabrio ONE v11 takes our mantra of “easy, personalized, and smart” to the next level with a transformational redesign that presents not only a radically intuitive new media player, but also embedded analytics, so that AI-fueled insights and unique KPIs are at your fingertips.

Brad Snedeker will demonstrate how we’re providing more than a new user interface; we’re transforming the way organizations like you work, allowing your business users – regardless of whether they have an analytics background – to intuitively consume and act upon data with less effort and more precision by embedding analytics and business-driven visual discovery into your everyday WFO tools.

Tune in at 1pm CT, Thursday, May 2, to see:

  • Our modern, forward-thinking UI
  • A radically transformed – and vertically-oriented – media player
  • A simplified workflow with Calabrio’s AI-fueled analytics and BI embedded throughout the suite
  • Our unified dashboard technologies, including customizable widgets in Data Explorer
  • Exciting enhancements to WFM features

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