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Snapshotz is a web-based audit tool with strong analytics that helps large and small organisations understand and benchmark customer experience delivery. Snapshotz reports contain validated CX practices, technology use and operational metrics from over 2,500+ customers globally. These are benchmarked against the ISO 18295 customer service standard and other global standards enabling validated roadmaps for CX strategy and investment.

Developed in 2009 and with headquarters in Auckland, New Zealand, we have a network of consultants in 35 countries around the world. They are they are savvy and proactive. This high level of expertise helps achieve a faster accreditation process. Customers come to use us because we offer an easy to use, quick and competitive way to identify what solutions are needed to increase customer satisfaction and reactivate their businesses, fast.


We understand that customer experience is one of the most important factors for business continuity. Assessing this critical point from every possible area (customer centre, customer feedback and organizations as a whole) is the most proactive way to grow awareness of necessary corrective measures and to ensure ROI in solutions like WFM, KM and quality management tools.


Comprehensive approach

  • Over 800 variables analyzed across 30 sections that go into every detail of your customer centre, allowing you to find opportunities and highlights of performance.

Real time

  • We deliver reports in real time, benchmarking against over 2500 customer assessments
  • and global standards so you get the best advice from deep industry knowledge gained over 10 years.

True value

  • Licensing is affordable and we deliver savings across many areas: save when you unify services; streamlined plans help keep to budgets; Identify gaps in tech, comms and related areas that create inefficiencies. Optimise training, coaching and customer interactions.

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Version: 10.0

Updated: 08/04/2020


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