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Wordwatch – Voice Integration to Calabrio

Wordwatch makes it simple and easy to get your voice interactions into Calabrio, from any live or legacy platform.

Business Systems developed Wordwatch to allow customers to unify their voice landscapes, fundamentally changing the way some of the world’s largest organisations access and interact with their voice data. Wordwatch – our unique portal ingests data from multiple call recording systems and vendors whether they are legacy, live, cloud-based, hosted or on-premise. This data is presented in one single view to allow the user to manage, replay, store, extract and report on.

Watchword Voice Integration to Calabrio


By implementing Wordwatch, clients can benefit from full Calabrio quality management and analytics functionality, regardless of the underlying contact platform or voice recorder.

Wordwatch also allows you to move away from legacy on-premise systems, enabling you to decommission and completely remove legacy systems and the significant risk they carry by managing their retention periods accurately. Data that has exceeded the mandated policy can be safely deleted, saving considerable storage costs.


With Wordwatch, you will benefit from access to a voice recording landscape from one single portal, helping you truly unlock the value in communications data.

Seamless Calabrio Integration

Ability to extract voice recordings in bulk, regardless of the underlying voice recording system and location, to deliver to the Calabrio application.

One Single Point of Access

Recordings from multiple systems and multiple vendors in multiple locations, can be captured whether live or legacy.


Audio data can be kept in an existing storage location, or migrated to new on-premise or cloud location.

Replay & Management

Interactions can be replayed, extracted and managed from one single point of access whether live or legacy.

Open APIs

Allows voice recordings and interactions to be extracted to a required application such as analytics, surveillance, transcription and reporting.


Intuitive user interface allows users to search for legacy calls by User, Date, Time, Site, Recorder and all available metadata.

Evolving Channels

Conversations taking place in Teams, Zoom, Unigy etc. can be ingested live to one central interface alongside your legacy recordings.


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Version: V6
Updated: 06/23/2021


Calabrio Compatible Solution
Advanced Reporting
Data Explorer
Teleopti WFM



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Integrated Application


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