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New Calabrio ONE:
Frequently Asked Questions

The new era of Calabrio ONE is here! As with anything new, we understand that there will be questions. Please find answers to frequently asked questions below. 

Can I get the new Calabrio ONE now?

The new Calabrio ONE is already available for purchase now, and will be available for implementation for new customers from December 31, 2020.

What is the new Calabrio ONE?

The new Calabrio ONE is a unified workforce engagement management (WEM) suite that has the best of Calabrio WFM and Teleopti WFM combined into one, market-leading workforce management (WFM) solution at its center. The integrated, next-generation WFM solution is infused with employee empowerment tools, intelligent automation and custom reporting, united in the WEM suite with quality management, interaction analytics and advanced reporting.

Can I buy Calabrio WFM as a standalone solution or just as part of Calabrio ONE?

Calabrio WFM can be purchased as standalone solution in Calabrio ONE or as a unified part of the wider Calabrio ONE suite of applications (QM, WFM, Analytics, Advanced Reporting).

How is the new Calabrio WFM available - on-premise or the cloud or both?

The product will be deployed only via the cloud in 2021. On-premise availability is targeted from mid-2022.

What cloud platform does the new Calabrio ONE run on?

WFM customers will use services from both AWS and Microsoft. Full suite users will also use services from both AWS and Microsoft. Pure QM/Analytics customers will continue to use AWS only.

Where can I see an online demo?

You can watch a full Calabrio ONE demo here, as well as a WFM demo here.

Where can I find out more information on the features that will be included?

A product brochure for the new Calabrio WFM can be found here.
If you’d like to discuss the product in even further detail, please contact us.

What does that new Calabrio WFM training package consist of?

The new Calabrio WFM training package will consist of a mix of training elements, based on the needs of that situation.  The package will include e-learning / support videos, training packages for dedicated support, and the Calabrio customer support team.

I want to speak to a sales rep, where can I go?

Please fill out the form on the Connect with Calabrio web page

I’m a current customer, when can I transition to the new Calabrio WFM?
  • For classic Teleopti WFM cloud customers – March 2021
  • For classic Calabrio WFM/ONE cloud customers – July 2021
  • For on-premise customers on either WFM solution – 2022

The New Calabrio ONE: Agility for the Modern Contact Center

We are committed to helping you resolve the specific challenges of this new era. Whether you are a C-level executive looking to keep up with new innovations, a contact center director trying to retain employees or a workforce management specialist seeking more flexibility in scheduling — we’ve designed the new Calabrio ONE just for you.

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