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Polaris contact center integrates QM and WFM systems with Calabrio ONE

Resulting in better customer experience, improved agent satisfaction and greater consistency across channels


At Polaris, they take fun very seriously. With the company creed – “Understand the riding experience. Live the riding experience. Work to make it better.” – etched on the entrance of each location, Polaris is passionate about ensuring the highest quality customer experience possible for its powersports vehicles. The company believes in helping its customers find a “way out” of one fast-paced world filled with cell phones, pressure and demands on time – and into another. Polaris’ innovative, high-quality lines of off-road vehicles, ATVs, snowmobiles, motorcycles and on-road electric-powered vehicles allow customers to escape everyday chaos and find sanctuary and excitement in locations where only powerful Polaris vehicles can take them.

The Challenge

Polaris doesn’t consider itself to be a typical call center. While it has agents across six contact center sites, support groups tend to be smaller and more remote than most traditional call center operations. Because of this, the company relies heavily on automation and technology – laptops vs. desktops, Voice over IP (VoIP) phones, and a broad number of applications – to enable agents to push the envelope on the standard call center experience. What the company was missing, however, was a way to measure the consistency and quality of multi-channel interactions agents were providing for the 1,800 dealers that are a part of the global Polaris dealer network. With no way to quantify dealers’ opinion of Polaris, the company set about finding a solution that would integrate multiple communication mediums into one comprehensive report. Polaris wanted to identify standard phrases and delivery processes for their agents in order to ensure a consistent and better user-experience.

The Solution

In addition to achieving greater quality consistency across call center teams and agents, Polaris also desired a flexible, multi-channel solution that could deliver consistent evaluation metrics for agents across dealer, technical and customer service teams as well as seamlessly incorporating critical website support features. Polaris found that Quality Management integrated in Calabrio ONE not only delivers a consistent set of evaluation metrics for agents, but also has the capability for agents to have a complete record of interactions, whether it’s through the website or the call center. Polaris’ Ask Polaris website feature is a self-service function that allows dealers to seek answers to questions about products and services and generate an electronic case if further assistance is needed. The company quickly learned that 50% of calls were driven by Ask Polaris when dealers needed additional support or to take advantage of 24/7 availability. With Calabrio Quality Management, Polaris was able to easily integrate these cases into the system so agents could use a more effective communication method when communicating with customers. Polaris is now able to not only evaluate calls coming into the call center, but can also score the Ask Polaris case associated with the call for a more complete agent evaluation.

The Results

Since implementing Quality Management, Polaris sees greater confidence from agents, evaluators and management during evaluations. By integrating multiple channels of monitoring and reporting into its QM strategy, Polaris is able to evaluate support services more comprehensively and easily present the information to active teams for review and assessment. There is greater consistency across teams as everyone has a clear understanding of what’s expected of themselves and of others. Agent satisfaction has increased with the knowledge that scores are based on a standard set of metrics, incorporating all touch points with dealers, and do not vary by evaluator or support group. Evaluators can gather valuable feedback on specific categories and have peace-of-mind knowing there’s consistency in how overall quality scores are driven.

With Calabrio ONE Workforce Management, Polaris is able to monitor service level changes when the Ask Polaris website goes down. As a result, Polaris’ multi-channel strategy is achieving greater consistency and communications across teams regardless of the application. Polaris management embraces how both solutions simplify case scoring and each has a positive impact on agents’ ability to self-direct. “We have seen the success stories with agent evaluations and how they’ve used their annual review score,” said Lauren Christiansen, Dealer Support & Consumer Service Manager at Polaris. “Successful agents are now saying ‘I know I can improve if I use the tools that are available to me.’ They are better able to self-manage, can change how they approach multi-channel interactions and work to improve them.” Looks as if Calabrio is playing a key role in helping Polaris live up to its corporate creed.

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