How Machines Will Bolster the Data Game

Business FOMO: How Machines Will Bolster the Data Game

Most executives already know that collecting and analyzing data is central to making operations efficient. Without that analysis, they risk missing out on valuable insights that can drive a company towards profitability. As the right technology is put in place, executives are able to glean previously unknown insights. However, organizations may soon have additional help.

As executives struggle with business FOMO (fear of missing out) on where to gain the next level of analysis and insight, the rise of artificial intelligence and, subsequent machine learning, may help put those fears to rest. These capabilities are becoming an even greater reality, and they will completely change the data game. Through pattern recognition and predictive analytics, self-updating tools may soon allow executives to offload some of their FOMO onto machines – and reap even greater results. Want to know where machines fit in your data game? Read on. >

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