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Calabrio Advanced Reporting

Business Intelligence for the Contact Center and Beyond


Calabrio Advanced Reporting is a comprehensive, self-service business intelligence solution for the contact center and beyond. It allows organizations to obtain the real-time information and actionable insights needed to manage and improve enterprise-wide performance.

Demands of the New Era

We want to help you resolve the challenges of this new era. Whether you are a marketing executive analyzing customer churn rates and campaign feedback, or an analyst identifying trends and risks and communicating them out with shareable, digestible insights– Calabrio Advanced Reporting is built for you.


Utilize real-time information. Employ in-the-moment data insights to boost employee engagement and make agile decisions that immediately improve contact center performance.

Use better data to make better decisions. Eliminate error-prone manual reporting. Improve data integrity and create a single source of truth. Use more accurate data to drive increased efficiencies and better decisions throughout the organization.

Dive into your data—and easily visualize insights. Get immediate value with easy-to-learn reporting tools, dashboards and scorecards. Go deeper with intuitive ad-hoc reporting. Create rich visualizations and convert complex data into insights anyone can understand.

Collaborate, gain buy-in and drive action. Easily share and collaborate with key stakeholders using intuitive reports, graphs and charts. Make your opportunities clear—and gain buy-in to go after them.


Whether your data lives in silos due to structural issues or simply because your organization’s growth has resulted in multiple, incompatible systems, Advanced Reporting allows you to break down data silos and end the headaches of patching together vendor-, vertical-, or data type-specific reporting products.

Fully aggregate and integrate your data to leverage the contact center insights buried throughout your organization. By creating a powerful and accurate contact center business intelligence and analytics platform, you can meet the demands of today’s fast paced business environment. Deliver value across your business to improve the customer experience, enhance workforce engagement, accelerate sales, enable customer center marketing and more.


Seamlessly combine and synchronize your customer interaction data. Combine disparate contact center data streams—any format and any source, including automatic call distribution (ACD), interactive voice recognition (IVR), quality monitoring, workforce management, CRM, human resources, homegrown software applications, and more. Integrate structured and unstructured data. Unify your data into intelligent visualizations and dashboards that are easily accessed and shared across the enterprise for powerful decision-making.


Simplify and streamline processes
Ease the burden on your Business Analysts and IT resources. Automate data collection. Eliminate labor-intensive and error-prone manual data collection. Leverage pre-built data adapters to automate data capture and ensure faster integration of new data sources.


Create a central source of truth for business information.
Combine data streams from across the business. Connect systems from multiple vendors. Create a central view of all contact center locations. Gain complete visibility into your omnichannel customer interactions to make better, more informed business decisions.


Take control of a central reporting command center. Access, create, publish, schedule, share and manage reports, dashboards and scorecards. Do it all from a simple, web-based command center, featuring an easy-to-use business intelligence tool. Spend less time creating reports and dashboards. Spend more time using them to drive continual improvements.

Make contact center business intelligence accessible to all. This is self-service business intelligence that anyone can use—from the frontline of the contact center, to business users, and to the boardroom. No need for a data science degree. Leverage intuitive reporting tools to automatically deliver key metrics and intelligence to key stakeholders. Use drag-and-drop functionality to create ad hoc reports. Explore your data using everyday business terms.

Dig deeper

See the entire range of robust reporting capabilities Calabrio puts at your fingertips.

Introducing Enterprise CXI

Enterprise Customer Experience Intelligence (CXI) is a complimentary solution included with Calabrio Advanced Reporting that provides a quick-start approach to BI for the modern enterprise. Comprehensive, built-in dashboards deliver value on day one to stakeholders across the enterprise with actionable insights from Calabrio ONE data on topics that matter most – brand awareness, competitive positioning, customer effort, sales acceleration and more.  Continue your connected VoC journey with expert-designed inspiration on how to incorporate third-party data. Learn More

Calabrio is helping entire enterprises hear the true voice of the customer in time to take meaningful action to improve.

Building better customer experiences (CX) isn’t easy; it forces organizations to take hard looks at their processes and silos. Many find that the first hurdle is connecting their contact centers to the rest of the enterprise. If you want to influence the customer journey for the better, you need insight into what customers say, think and feel during interactions. That’s why one of the fastest ways to strengthen CX is to listen to customers at the source, using advanced reporting that connects the contact center to other internal and external data sources. By adding this kind of out-the-box, function-specific dashboards to the Calabrio ONE platform, Calabrio is helping entire enterprises hear the true voice of the customer in time to take meaningful action to improve.”

Keith Dawson
Vice President & Research Director, CX
Ventana Research

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As the contact center landscape changes, so too must the reporting and analytics solutions that drive decision-making and performance management.

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