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Leveraging the Contact Center to Help Customers Embrace Change

Learn how new contact center technologies can help you reduce confusion and create positive customer experiences

Whether your company is changing prices, processes, inventory, or redesigning a store or website, change can be confusing and scary for even the most loyal customers. Every day, your contact center has hundreds, if not thousands, of conversations with your customers. Making sense of these conversations can help your organization better understand what your customers are saying about the changes your organization is making. In this webinar, learn how new contact center technologies like analytics can support customer-facing changes to your business by allowing you to pinpoint your customers’ reaction to those changes.

Join Calabrio, Saddletree Research, and Desert Financial Credit Union in this free web event to learn:

  • How to create your own customer experience project to gauge your customers’ reaction to new policies, products or processes
  • How to leverage your newly acquired insights to drive action across the enterprise to educate customers, adjust plans, and make the transition as easy as possible for your customers
  • How the right analytics solution can liberate voice-of-the-customer insights from your contact center interactions

Hear from Jim Lavery, vice president of contact center operations at Desert Financial Credit Union, on the challenges he has experienced with changes in the call center environment in the ever evolving banking landscape. Jim will also discuss what he has done to ensure that his organization and contact center were ready for the recent transition to EMV payment cards.




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