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The Future of the Contact Center

CCW Winter Executive Report

Are you looking to plan your contact center strategy for 2018 and beyond?

CCIQ recently conducted an in-depth survey of global organizations to discover the top trends, issues and challenges impacting their contact centers.

Download the Future of the Contact Center Report to learn:

  • The top “make or break” objectives for contact centers in 2017
  • How contact centers budgets will change in the coming year
  • The most pressing challenges faced by contact centers and how leading organizations are responding

This report is an opportunity to learn about the biggest trends that will impact your contact center so you can set your organization up for success.


*To collect data for the CCW Winter Executive Report, CCIQ conducted an indepth survey of contact center leaders from a wide range of companies, including a substantial number of large organizations. Thirty-nine percent of respondent organizations generate over $1 billion in annual revenue, 69% of respondents directly influence contact center budgets, while 50% either sit within or directly report to the C-suite.

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