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Enterprise CXI for HR

It costs an estimated $20,000 to hire and train new employees. That is why employee engagement and satisfaction are key initiatives for the contact center and the entire organization. However, with employees trying to thrive in an always on, work-from-anywhere (WFA) world, companies must keep them engaged and empowered.

Enterprise CXI can help both HR and the contact center build a connected workforce.



State of the Contact Center 2021: Cloud is here. What’s next?

The modern multi-channel contact center has entered a Cloud-Smart Era.

Product Demo

The New
Calabrio ONE

A new era requires a new approach to the contact center.

Webinar On-demand

Building a Cloud-First Approach to
the Modern Contact Centre Experience

From elevating customer experience to enhancing employee engagement through analytics, watch the webinar on-demand and watch as we demystify cloud technology


A Complete Guide to Managing
a Remote Workforce

The world of remote work has taken on a new meaning. Meet the new challenges that contact centers face in maintaining excellent customer service.

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