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Visualizing Contact Center Analytics in Action

Can your WFO provider also give you the insights you need to improve customer experience?

As the only WFO provider to combine workforce management with speech, desktop, and text analytics in a single, unified suite, Calabrio ONE is built so that you can easily get the insight needed to operate and improve your contact center.

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Bluegrass Cellular frees and redirects scarce technical support resources from routine calls to escalated customer concerns

By eliminating unnecessary calls to its Tier 2 Tech Support team, Bluegrass Cellular customers are happier and more satisfied.

Radial turns curiosity around “advocacy language” into award-winning Calabrio Analytics Competition project

Radial saw dramatic improvements in customer satisfaction and metrics related to customer perceptions, such as rep knowledge and rep demeanor.

Superior Propane identifies process challenges to better retain customers and decrease AHT

Superior Propane implemented a multi-pronged strategy incorporating increased agent empowerment, process improvements and agent training to improve customer retention and AHT.

How do you solve a problem like low employee engagement

The irrefutable link between employee engagement and customer experience is well-documented. Download the White Paper to learn how to better engage your workforce.

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