INDUSTRY: Retail/Manufacturing

SEATS: 300 agents across seven locations

PRODUCTS USED: Calabrio Quality Management, Calabrio Analytics


Had no way to gather data on coupon offers or to determine why the coupon was being offered or the cause of customer complaints.


With Calabrio Analytics, the contact center can identify trends with less effort and share valuable insights across the enterprise with marketing and product development to drive action and influence business decisions.

Beverage Manufacturer Protects the Bottom Line with Calabrio Analytics


Coffee Company tracks coupon effectiveness with Calabrio Analytics

Resulting in improved agent training and increased customer retention


A large coffee company was founded in 1981 as a small café in New England. Over the years, through acquisition and organic growth the company has developed into a preeminent player within the industry. Today the company is recognized as a leader in specialty coffee and coffee makers, and acknowledged for its award winning coffees, innovative brewing technology, and environmentally and socially responsible business practices. Its mission is to create the ultimate coffee experience in every life it touches from tree to cup – transforming the way the world views business. The company has been recognized consistently by Forbes, Fortune, and CR Magazine as an innovative, high-growth, socially responsible company.


Contact center agents at the company are permitted to offer customers free shipping or coupons in order to smooth over issues. However, the company had no way to gather data on the coupon offers or to determine why the coupon was being offered or what the cause of the customer complaints were. The company had the ability to listen to only a fraction of the calls they received which offered a limited means to assess trends. In addition, they had no way to tell if agents were giving the appropriate discount offer for the given situation at the correct time. They had no insight into whether the coupons were being offered appropriately in order to be effective or whether they were being offered too frequently, potentially affecting the bottom line.


The coffee company has been using the Calabrio ONE suite since 2007, deploying Calabrio software across eight contact center groups. With Calabrio ONE, the company was recording hundreds of customer interactions every day. These interactions hold the answer to the question that every business asks – what do our customers think? They needed an efficient means to identify trends within these interactions in order to gain an understanding of why the coupons were being offered and the complaints that triggered the offers. When Calabrio Analytics was added to the Calabrio ONE suite, the company jumped at the chance to get more out of their investments by gathering powerful insights by analyzing 100% of their calls through speech analytics, turning the information contained within the recordings into knowledge and then action.


With Calabrio Analytics, the company is able to isolate all call recordings that contain a coupon or free shipping offer. By focusing their efforts on only these calls, they can identify trends in less time with less effort. Through the powerful yet simplified speech analytics technology of Calabrio Analytics, the company can pinpoint causes of customer complaints so they can take action before they become bigger issues. The contact center shares these valuable insights across the enterprise with marketing and product development to drive action and influence business decisions. They can also determine if agents are not offering the right coupon at the right time and can correct behavior through targeted training, protecting the company’s margin and increasing agent productivity. Calabrio Analytics delivers powerful insights that give the coffee company the power to make proactive improvements across the organization to increase customer satisfaction.

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