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INDUSTRY: Medical and security assistance

PRODUCTS USED: Calabrio Teleopti WFM


The 24-hours, 7-days a week nature of the company’s contact centre meant that a new highly flexible and automated workforce management (WFM) was required to maintain high levels of customer service and staff engagement.


CEGA was impressed by the look, feel and user-friendliness of the Teleopti solution.

CEGA gains time and cost savings using Teleopti WFM for smarter contact center scheduling


The 24-hours, 7-days a week nature of the company’s contact center meant that a new highly flexible and automated workforce management (WFM) was required to maintain high levels of customer service and staff engagement.


CEGA has grown rapidly in recent years and today is one of the world’s leading providers of medical and security assistance, travel risk, health screening and claims management services. The 24-hours, 7-days a week nature of the company’s contact center meant that a new highly flexible and automated workforce management (WFM) was required to maintain high levels of customer service and staff engagement. Headquartered in Chichester, West Sussex, UK CEGA serves insurance companies, underwriters and large corporations in the private and public sector.
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New contact center for changing travel risk landscape

Throughout a period of rapid business growth and the acquisition by global professional services giant Charles Taylor Plc in 2016, CEGA has stuck steadfastly to its traditional innovative and entrepreneurial values. This is reflected in the company’s approach to technology.

Steve Marshall, Head of Claims & MRA, CEGA takes up the story: “The whole global travel risk landscape is changing and our technology needed to evolve to better serve our customers. With 130 contact center agents and only time-intensive manual methods to produce their work schedules, the time had come to introduce smarter ways of working and to automate our rostering processes.”

After evaluating the marketplace, CEGA went live with Calabrio Teleopti’s workforce management software in the medical screening department in October 2016, extending the system to the claims department a few months later.

CEGA’s contact center is a busy and complicated operation. The medical screening team operates seven days a week from 8 a.m. until 9 p.m. It typically handles calls from people wanting to make sure they are covered medically before taking out a new insurance product, or from those who already have insurance but wish to add a new condition to their policy or update a preexisting condition.

The claims department offers a 24-hour contact center service usually handling notifications of new losses or existing claims, where the customer is asking for an update or is providing extra information to progress the claim further.

In both departments, average call handling times are typically over 9 minutes per call. However, the situation is further complicated by three major factors, as Ben Thomas, Customer Service Manager, Medical Screening at CEGA, explains:

1) Multiple shift patterns and fluctuating call volumes
“Our contact center environment is affected by multiple shift patterns, fluctuating call volumes and our own ambitious service targets. In addition to four different start times during the day, those on the night shift work seven days on, then have seven days off. We also have what we call a ‘3 on/3off’ shift where staff work 12-hour shifts for three days in a row and then have the next three days off.

2) Seasonal call volumes
“In addition, our call volumes are seasonal, the heaviest occurring in the summer just before people travel and they have to declare or update medical conditions for insurance purposes. At these times, call volumes can rise to 1,300 daily and then drop down to 600 or 700 a day over the winter months.”

3) First call resolution and claim payments
“We believe that just answering calls quickly is not enough and instill this philosophy into our agents. For instance, we aim to pay out claims on the first call and are putting in place a ‘customer ease’ program as a means of actively measuring customer satisfaction levels.”

Automation and staff engagement hold the key to success

Before using Calabrio Teleopti WFM, CEGA’s rostering process was entirely manual and it could take up to 36 hours just to create a three-month agent roster. Thanks to the automated nature of the Teleopti solution, rosters can now be published using real-time data and shared months in advance.

The implementation of Teleopti Vacation Planner, Shift Trader and Overtime Availability modules has brought considerable benefits. Steve Marshall continued, “Using Calabrio Teleopti WFM has increased staff engagement. Agents appreciate the flexibility and level of control it brings. They can take ownership of their rosters, check and swap shifts and even book their holidays quickly, from home, and with very little management intervention. They just love the leader board, in the Gamification module, where top-performers are rewarded publicly for their hard work and successes.”

Making the day run smoothly with Automatic Notifications and RTA

The addition of modules including Notify and Real-Time Adherence to the Teleopti implementation has had a calming effect on day-to-day contact center operations. Agents automatically receive pop-ups on their desktop to remind them when to take a break, go to lunch or even confirm the shift change they requested earlier.

At a glance, managers are in complete control of their contact center environment even when they are away from their desk. They can simply log onto the Teleopti system to compare agent schedules as they happen, from their tablets or other mobile devices and make appropriate adjustments on the move.

The results so far

The Calabrio Teleopti WFM implementation has enabled CEGA to streamline its rostering processes and gain tangible time and cost savings. Agent self-service, advance notice of allocated shifts and the transparency of statistics posted on dashboards and wallboards have empowered staff to take control of their time at work and at home. Clear visibility of intraday activities and real-time adherence has enabled supervisors to factor in team or 1-2-1 meetings during quiet periods.

The financial savings since using Teleopti WFM have included the removal of ‘fall-back’ payments, whereby agents were paid a fixed fee to be on call at weekends in case of sickness. The advance planning and tracking ability of Teleopti WFM to monitor sickness revealed that these payments were no longer necessary. As a result, CEGA has saved several thousands of dollars adding to the very visible return on investment (ROI) of Calabrio Teleopti.

Ben Thomas added, “The implementation of Calabrio Teleopti WFM has benefitted everyone. On the one hand, smarter forecasting and preparedness mean breaks, lunches and holidays happen at the right time and minimize the stress caused by lack of resource during times of heavy call volumes. On the other hand, having a historic view of activity a day, week or even month before, helps the team collectively to identify trends and pinpoint areas of potential improvement.

Why Calabrio Teleopti?

Prior to selecting Teleopti, CEGA first consulted several insurance partners for their recommendations and then invited two WFM suppliers to present product demonstrations. CEGA was impressed by the look, feel and user-friendliness of the Teleopti solution. The fact that Teleopti is a dedicated, 100% WFM only supplier and offered a complete solution finally closed the deal.

“Since using Teleopti WFM, we have noticed improvements on many levels. In particular, the ease of rostering and forecasting which is pretty phenomenal. It’s also a powerful value proposition when talking to clients and prospects, giving them the confidence that we can forecast call volumes accurately and use agent time efficiently and cost-effectively,” Steve Marshall concluded.

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