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INDUSTRY: Consumer Products

EMPLOYEES: Over 3,000

LOCATION: 11 worldwide offices including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and the Middle East

PRODUCTS USED: Calabrio Quality Management


Needed an easier way to store, find and retrieve calls.


With Calabrio Quality Management, powerful metadata tags allow for quick, easy retrieval of call or screen recordings which has led to improve customer experience.

Consumer Products Company Improves Customer Experience with Calabrio ONE


Floor Care Product Manufacturer improves efficiency and quality with Calabrio Quality Management

Recordings are easy to find, improving training and customer service quality


In 1876, a Grand Rapids, MI, crockery shop owner sought a better solution for removing embedded sawdust from the carpet. The epiphany that followed birthed one of America’s largest and progressive floor care manufacturers. Today, the company, now in its fourth generation of family leadership, is the seventh oldest privately held manufacturing business in the United States and employs 3,000 individuals in 11 locations. Attributing their longevity to innovation and world-class customer service, the floor care manufacturer needed a way to reduce their contact center costs while improving customer service.


The contact center had difficulty finding their call recordings for review or dispute resolution, which made it tougher to gauge the level of service they were providing to their customers. The call recording files were large, which resulted in slow data transfer and high storage costs. The manufacturer began looking for a new innovative contact center recording software solution. To incorporate their offshore call center into their business, they needed a way to monitor the voice and screen portions of 100% of their calls to ensure consistency in quality of customer service. They needed a solution that allowed them to both live-monitor and review transactions later, all while reducing overall costs.


The floor care manufacturer chose Calabrio Quality Management. The software has not only made the task of recording, archiving and retrieving customer interactions more efficient, but its powerful metadata and reporting capabilities give the user a look at contact center metrics at-a-glance. With Calabrio QM, the manufacturer can:

  • Archive voice and screen recordings for compliance and performance evaluation, all through the agent’s PC
  • Locate screen and voice recordings quickly and easily through the use of logical metadata tags
  • Improve training effectiveness by monitoring an agent’s skill level

The manufacturer is now able to record 100% of their calls including the agents’ screen view. These are stored on the agent’s computer then uploaded to a central server each night, when bandwidth use is light.


Since installing Calabrio Quality Management, the company has been able to implement organizational changes resulting in substantial annual savings. Furthermore, if a customer calls or writes with an issue related to a preceding call, the customer service agent can listen to the stored recordings to efficiently resolve the needs of the caller. “Reviewing the calls helps us understand the nature of the interaction better than if we simply relied on a customer’s written account,” a supervisor comments. Even senior management feels the positive impact the new software has provided the company. A manager reporting to the CEO remarks, “I have a record of every call and an easy way to search for and find calls from disgruntled customers – even if they don’t want to identify themselves.” Now armed with the ability to listen to calls in a flash and follow-up with insightful resolutions, the floor care manufacturer can rest assured they’re exceeding their customers’ expectations.

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