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Credit Union of Colorado Migrates to the Cloud and Adds Calabrio Analytics


Agent conformance

Expanded quality
management initiatives


In annual insurance
licensing savings

Increased availability of
agent performance information

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Company Credit Union of Colorado

Industry Financial Services

Region U.S.

Products Used Calabrio ONE Cloud

About Credit Union of Colorado

With more than 80 years of experience and $1.63 billion in assets, the Credit Union of Colorado serves over 130,000 people from all walks of life.

Expanded quality management and in-depth analysis of operational data increase savings and performance


An existing Calabrio ONE on-prem customer for seven years, the Credit Union of Colorado in 2019 migrated to Calabrio ONE Cloud, then added Calabrio Analytics to gain deeper insight into different operational aspects of its contact center.

Contact center leaders also wanted to expand existing quality management initiatives and increase the actionability of agent performance information by making it available more than once per month.


To maximize agents’ understanding and buy-in, leaders involved them in the design of the contact center’s new quality management evaluation scorecard. They then implemented customized dashboards across all levels of the contact center that give customized, up-to-date snapshots of each individual’s and team’s performance. And, to support Calabrio ONE’s ability to perform predictive scoring on all calls, leaders increased the number of quality monitors performed per agent.

The credit union also used Calabrio Analytics to identify immediate opportunities to improve both the agent and member experience. They conducted a Calabrio-powered call study of 22,000 calls during a one-month period, for example, to understand exactly why agents were placing members on hold, so they could take proactive steps to minimize hold events and shrink average hold times.


Upon implementing the new, custom performance dashboards, agent conformance promptly grew by over 10%—then it reached 80% in January 2020 and 91% by July 2020.

Thanks to the call study, managers discovered that 22% of calls had at least one hold event and an average hold time of 2.54 minutes. They also were able to identify the three most common questions each department received from agents after agents had placed customers on hold. As a result, managers implemented several process improvements—including automating digital pay activations, making loan application statuses readily available online and training agents to collect wire transfer information themselves—they expect will reduce the number of hold events, decrease the average time spent on hold, enable quicker call handling, enhance the member experience and decrease agents’ dependency on other departments.

In addition, the credit union saves an average of $13,600 per year in training time and assessment costs after eliminating insurance licensing for inbound contact center agents.

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