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Calabrio Advanced Reporting Saves Cygnific 30 Days of Productivity


Days of productivity
saved per month

Easily customizable
data visualizations

More flexible
ACD reporting

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Company Cygnific

Industry Outsourced Services

Region Global

Products Used Calabrio Advanced Reporting

About Cygnific

Headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Cygnific’s nearly 700 employees provide reservation, loyalty program, website support and fulfillment services to travel agents and customers of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Air France and Delta Air Lines across 19 European countries and 11 native languages every day.

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Improving contact center performance by integrating and analyzing data from multiple systems and centers


Contact center supervisors needed to report across many different operational dimensions for each of Cygnific’s 700 agents, but they continually found themselves without the insights they required. An array of standalone, disintegrated solutions—including Avaya Aura Contact Center and systems for workforce optimization (WFO), resource capacity planning, and staffing and human resources—powered contact center operations that were spread across multiple locations. So, supervisors wasted valuable time using spreadsheets to manually build extremely incomplete, error-prone operational reports.

A first attempt at simplifying and automating reporting resulted in a complex array of scripted SQL queries that were difficult to manage, maintain and modify. Even worse, each of Cygnific’s nearly 30 contact center supervisors still spent an inordinate amount of time—approximately one day per week—trying to generate reports via Excel for the 12-15 agents they managed. Then, after repeatedly copying and pasting canned report data from Avaya’s Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) into Excel, they spent additional hours sifting, sorting and recalculating the data to show how each agent, skillset or split performed across different clients and territories.

Already losing at least a month’s worth of man-hours every week to manual reporting, supervisors wasted even more time when they tried to add new data into already large, unmanageable spreadsheets.

Cygnific needed a new, automated reporting solution that could also re-calculate key contact center metrics whenever needed to meet the company’s very specific, ever-changing requirements. What’s more, Cygnific needed a single repository for all—not just ACD—contact center system data.


Cygnific turned to Calabrio Advanced Reporting—an open, standards-based solution easier to manage and maintain—to automate its contact center reporting.

Of particular interest to Cygnific was Calabrio Advanced Reporting’s data mart. The data mart serves as a central repository that extracts, transforms and loads data from all of the major contact center data sources—including ACD, interactive voice recognition (IVR), customer relationship management (CRM), workforce management, and virtually any other pre-packaged or custom system—into a single data store optimized for reporting and analytics.

The data mart’s customizability was particularly attractive because it gave contact center supervisors more flexible ACD reporting than what Avaya’s own system allowed.

We had to have the flexibility to show different agent and skillset performance across more dimensions than we could define in the Avaya system, and to change these dimensions over time. [Calabrio Advanced Reporting’s] data mart is able to do that.”

Patrick van Velzen
Reporting Manager


Calabrio Advanced Reporting’s data mart and easily customizable visualizations virtually eliminated the need for Cygnific contact center supervisors to generate their own reports.

Now, supervisors view automated reports, and spend their time analyzing data and working with agents to improve quality and performance—recouping 30 days previously lost each and every month to wasted productivity.

Thanks to more flexible ACD reporting, supervisors also now can show different agent and skillset performance across more dimensions than Avaya allowed them to define, and easily change those dimensions as needed over time.

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