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Cygnific contact center supervisors were manually creating reports in spreadsheets, which was time consuming and prone to errors.


With Calabrio Advanced Reporting, Cygnific was able to automate reporting in their contact center, saving 30 human working days every week.

Cygnific gains efficiency by automating reporting with Calabrio Advanced Reporting

CASE STUDY: Case Study: Cygnific B.V.

Calabrio Data Mart integrates data from multiple systems and call centers to improve contact center performance


Cygnific B.V. is an international, multichannel sales and service center dedicated to serving customer and client needs for travel-related services, serving customers on behalf of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Air France and Delta Air Lines. Cygnific is headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands with offices in Amsterdam and Enschede. With a team of roughly 700 employees, Cygnific daily serves and assists direct customers and travel agents in 19 European countries and 11 native languages. Cygnific’s scope of services include routine information provision to complex financial transactions. As a sales and service center, Cygnific provides four major services to various clients in the airline industry, including reservations, loyalty programs, website support and fulfillment services.

Cygnific’s 450-agent contact center uses Avaya Aura Contact Center to handle calls at sites in Amsterdam and Enschede, as well as a workforce optimization system, a resource capacity planning solution, and a staffing and human resources solution.


With each agent handling calls for multiple clients in multiple countries, Cygnific needed an easier way to report across many different dimensions of its operations. The company’s first attempt at simplifying reporting—a complex array of scripted SQL queries that ran directly against its Avaya and other systems’ databases—was difficult to manage and maintain, and even more difficult to modify as business requirements changed or underlying systems were upgraded.

“Eventually, the original consultants who created this really complicated SQL environment disappeared,” explains Patrick van Velzen, Cygnific’s reporting manager. “We became really dependent on a single employee who could work with those scripts—and even he admitted he wasn’t an expert in how they worked. And we began feeling that if he ever left the company, we would have a big problem.”

An even worse problem was the amount of time Cygnific’s 30 or so supervisors were spending generating their own reports—van Velzen estimates each supervisor spent about one day per week repeatedly copying data from canned Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) reports in the Avaya system, and cutting and pasting the resulting data into Excel spreadsheets. If this cut-and-paste drudgery wasn’t enough, supervisors had to spend hours sifting, sorting and recalculating data within Excel to show how each agent was performing across different clients and territories, as well as how each skillset or split was performing across these dimensions as well. The difficulty was further compounded when data from other systems needed to be added to these swollen spreadsheets. “So each of these 30 supervisors would spend an entire day generating these big Excel reports for each of their 12 to 15 agents—that’s about 30 days of productivity lost every week,” van Velzen points out.


With Cygnific losing a month of man-hours every week to manual reporting, the company needed a solution that could not only automate reporting but also re-calculate key contact center metrics to meet its very specific yet ever-changing needs. What’s more, Cygnific needed a single repository for data for all of its contact center systems, not just its ACD data.

So the company turned to Calabrio Advanced Reporting. Data Mart within the reporting suite integrates data from multiple data sources and multiple call centers into a single data store optimized for reporting and analytics.

The implementation for Cygnific included:

Calabrio Advanced Reporting Data Mart, a central repository that extracts, transforms and loads data from all major contact center data sources, including systems for automatic call distribution (ACD), interactive voice recognition (IVR), customer relationship management (CRM), workforce management, and virtually any other system—packaged or custom-built—found in today’s contact centers.
Data Adapters for ACD, workforce optimization, and HR systems.
One Data Bridge, a system-to-system integration solution, to push selected data from the Data Mart to the WFM system to assist with staff forecasting.
One of the main attractions of the Data Mart was its customizability, van Velzen notes. “While it was good to have a permanent data mart that replaced all these SQL scripts, we needed Calabrio Advanced Reporting to create some ‘rolling dimensions’ to reflect the way we do our reporting,” he explains. “We had to have the flexibility to show different agent and skillset performance across more dimensions than we could define in the Avaya system, and the ability to change these dimensions over time. The Data Mart is able to do that.”


The combination of the Data Mart and the visual reporting system virtually eliminated the need for supervisors to generate their own reports, according to van Velzen.

“That 30 or so work-days of wasted productivity have been saved,” he says. “Now, supervisors essentially view automated reports, and spend their time analyzing the data and working with agents to improve quality and performance.”

And unlike the cluster of SQL scripts it replaced, Calabrio Advanced Reporting is a standards-based, open solution that Cygnific can more easily manage and maintain. “It was important to us that we choose a vendor that was using proven technology. We saw that other companies were happy with Calabrio Advanced Reporting, and that was really important to us,” he adds.

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