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GreenPath Grows Target-Audience Call Volumes by 150%

↑ 150%

No. of calls received from
underserved target population

↑ 15%

Net Promoter Score (NPS)
over two-year period

Overall client wellbeing score

At a Glance

Company GreenPath Financial Wellness

Industry Financial Services

Region U.S.

Products Used Calabrio ONE Suite

About GreenPath

Headquartered in Farmington Hills, Mich., GreenPath Financial Wellness is a trusted national nonprofit that’s been helping people build financial health and resiliency for more than 60 years. The company’s NFCC-certified counselors give consumers options to manage credit card debt, student loans and homeownership.

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Using Speech Analytics to maximize marketing campaign effectiveness during the pandemic


As an organization on a mission to empower people to lead financially healthy lives, GreenPath Financial Wellness was in a unique position during the pandemic to help the growing number of people experiencing financial distress.

A particular area of focus: pairing the contact center team with the marketing function to help underserved citizens receive financial counseling. But to achieve that goal, more people needed to know who GreenPath was and how the company’s counselors could be of assistance.

Yet, as a non-profit organization, it was critical marketing and contact center leaders scrutinize and justify every corporate expenditure — especially marketing. They knew they had to find a way to understand which of the expanded marketing campaigns launched were working as intended.


Using Calabrio Speech Analytics, GreenPath leaders identified more than 100 key phrases correlated to their marketing campaigns — phrases like “I saw your billboard,” for example, or “I saw you on TV.” They then mapped these calls to their target demographic.

After the resulting analysis revealed billboards, social media and radio most effectively reached members of the underserved population, marketing leaders made an informed decision to pivot away from less effective media and reinvest more budget into the ones proven by analytics to successfully reach the target audience.

In addition to adjusting the marketing campaign media spend, GreenPath leaders also improved the company’s agent training and onboarding programs and hired Spanish-speaking agents. They wanted to ensure its contact center team could support the specific needs of the callers from the underserved population who were targeted by their marketing campaigns.

[Calabrio Analytics] is like opening up a brand-new toy at Christmas. You just want to keep playing with it.”

David Flores –
Director of Client Services and Program Performance
GreenPath Financial Wellness 


This joint effort by GreenPath’s contact center and marketing teams is delivering a variety of impressive results.

Marketing leaders are maximizing their marketing spend and creating better use cases to identify the most effective marketing campaigns. They, for example, were able to increase the number of calls received from the underserved target population by 150%.

GreenPath’s expanded agent training and onboarding programs also improved several contact center metrics — NPS, for example, grew by 15% over a two-year period while clients’ overall wellbeing scores also rose.

In addition, GreenPath now can leverage marketing and contact center data and learnings to tell a better story to those considering providing grants to the non-profit.

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