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Increasing demand on the services offered by Halo BCA will drive a higher contact volume and thus a greater labor need across its contact centers.


Teleopti WFM offers the ability to forecast for, and deal with, contact overflow, improve schedule adherence, and analyze channel data.

Halo BCA trusts in Calabrio Teleopti WFM to succesfully manage upcoming growth


Halo BCA will drive a higher contact volume and thus a greater labor need across its contact centers.


Forecasts have shown that an increasing demand on the services offered by Halo BCA will drive a higher contact volume and thus a greater labor need across its contact centers. Halo BCA has an action plan for how to deal with this, which combines the Halo BCA WFM team’s strategies with the tried-and-tested capabilities of Calabrio Teleopti WFM. It offers the ability to forecast for, and deal with, contact overflow, improve schedule adherence and analyze channel data. All of this feeds into handling the forecasted labor increase while ensuring customers are satisfied, feeling that BCA has upheld its motto to be “Always by your side.”
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Current Situation

Halo BCA, the contact center operations for Bank Central Asia (BCA), provides ‘VIP’ and regular customers with credit card, banking, finance and sharia services, all of which will grow as its customer base grows. Halo BCA currently operates using 1,600 agents over three sites, with Calabrio Teleopti WFM implemented at the largest contact center site. Halo BCA’s overall forecasts predict a 3% increase in the labor need for its all-skill Customer Care Officer (agent) workforce. This increase is in line with the expanding number of BCA customers and thus its service workload.

With its multichannel offering, Halo BCA currently handles 60,000 calls a day and 12 million transactions per day through social media, figures which are set to rise with the ever-increasing customer demand.

Choosing Teleopti

A primary consideration in choosing Teleopti WFM in 2016 was how it could improve customer satisfaction. That improvement would come through increased forecasting and scheduling accuracy, the avoidance of under- or over-staffing, better processes for absence requests and the introduction of agent self-service tools to reduce schedule confusion. Expectations were matched with the achievement of service levels and call ratios in accordance with pre-defined KPI targets. Such achievements are what should help recruitment planning and resource fulfillment, leading to much-needed agent availability.

The Solution

To meet the growing demands on Halo BCA’s Services, an adequate, appropriately-staffed workforce is needed. This means a management focus on keeping agent turnover as low as possible. This is something that could be achieved by placing agents’ schedules in accordance with their skills profile. Such a matching of profile and schedule ensures satisfied, productive agents, along with maintaining capacity planning for each interval. To do thisas well as increase support and provide better serviceHalo BCA continues to make the most of Teleopti’s optimizable scheduling.

Nathalya Wani Sabu, Head of Halo BCA, also believes: “By using WFM technology from Teleopti, it can produce fairness in scheduling for agents. Agent satisfaction with their given schedules is very high which is something that increases our agents’ motivation to work. This agent motivation is a key factor in providing customers with the best interaction experiences from Halo BCA.”

Overflow Operations

The Halo BCA WFM team has a strategy in place to respond to any surges in contact volume when problem arise or marketing campaigns kickoff: activating backup agents. There is a distance-based map of agents, divided into three ranges: 1-5 Km; 6-10 Km, and above 10 Km. This is helpful in enabling a EQUTE (Emergency Queue Team), in the event of a surge in calls, with those in the closest range contacted first. The WFM Team will then have a list of on-call agents, ready for if an overflow situation occurs.

Besides this the WFM team also run overtime by using a gradual mechanism and can utilize multiskilled agents to cope with the volume need.

Forecasting foresight

Just as forecasts for future service and labor growth are driving Halo BCA’s WFM strategies and technology deployment, Teleopti WFM itself offers the forecasting insight to plan for upcoming contact volumes. The main Halo BCA center has felt the benefits of Teleopti’s forecasting tool as, within three months of implementation, the forecasting accuracy rose to an impressively high level. The gap between actual and forecasted is now approximately 1.57%.

Improving communication and adherence

To make sure agents arrive on time and are up-to-date with their latest schedule, the WFM team publishes the agent work schedule at least one week prior to the schedule period. Team leaders and supervisors also provide reminders via internal communication to their respective teams. Furthermore, the schedules are released via portals for mobile phone devices so that agents can get updates about their schedules in real time.

Analyzing and comparing, ready for action

Halo BCA have found it very easy to make comparisons and analyses based on the calculations performed by the WFM team using Calabrio Teleopti WFM. The calculations take into account many factors, such as attrition rate, shrinkage, productivity, deviation, call growth, and overtime needs. These factors help to obtain accurate staffing requirements. This is then coordinated with the recruitment team to provide human resources in a timely and appropriate manner.

Other benefits of Calabrio Teleopti WFM

Aside from a preparedness for volume and labor demands, since implementing Teleopti WFM in 2016, the center has found that some of the key advantages are as follows:
A unified package: Calabrio Teleopti WFM integrates multiple functions into a single applicationsuch as blending resource planning with real-time adherence measures.
Graphic user interface: The graphic user interface (GUI) of Calabrio Teleopti WFM is simple and easy to understand. The software is user friendly for all levels of staff at Halo BCA, agent, team leader and resource planner alike.
Exporting data: Users can export to Excel easily, so the WFM results can be compared to the Halo BCA centers not using Calabrio Teleopti WFM, and a final review made.
Understanding operations: There is the ability to understand all contact center processes through real-time monitoring and various forms of reports that can be customized easily.
Gamification: The gamification feature holds an adjustable threshold according to the needs of a campaign, for a given period.

Closing thoughts

Halo BCA is prepared and ready for the growth it will encounter, in part thanks to Calabrio Teleopti WFM’s combination of accurate automation, agent-engaging tools and user friendliness.

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