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Bot Analytics, formerly known as Wysdom, was purchased by Calabrio in 2023.

Online home and auto insurer achieves 3X increase in virtual agent experience with chatbot analytics


increase in bot experience


Contact center savings


Average bot containment

The challenge

Transitioning to 24×7 customer service meant expanding bot operations, without impacting customer sentiment. Unfortunately, the team lacked the tools needed to monitor bot performance in the expanded online hours. The organization was faced with scattered and disconnected data sources with limited reporting: The chatbot team was unable to organize and interpret the raw data quickly enough. Tableau reports did not provide the level of detail needed. This lack of visibility meant that multiple stakeholders across different lines of business were unable to make timely and informed decisions.

The solution

The Wysdom Operations Center provided game-changing visibility into virtual and live agent conversations. The insights made it easy to find opportunities to expand self-serve transactions related to policy updates and paying premiums. Furthermore, the team benefitted from a contact reasons dashboard which summarized conversation volume and agent escalation metrics for transactions related to payment, change of address, vehicle registration and policy cancellation, that the team could apply towards content upgrades that would alleviate unnecessary agent escalation.

The results

  • 3X increase in bot experience score over 12 months
  • $1.4M in contact center savings
  • 74% average bot containment on high-frequency contact reasons

Armed with this new visibility, the chatbot team was able to share the details with stakeholders from Customer Experience, Marketing, Contact Center, and the Content Team for shared decision-making. Being able to identify customer frustration around wait times led to new wait time messages that resulted in a 7% increase in customer satisfaction overall. And applying the insights to content upgrades for high-frequency contact reasons, led to an impressive growth in containment, including getting a quote for auto insurance (83%), making missed payments (75%) and policy cancellations (65%). The team now feels equipped to expand the insights and analytics to help them continue to evolve the quality and performance of their virtual agent.

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