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Leading Home Loan and Mortgage Broker Achieves Cloud Contact Center Transformation Using Calabrio ONE

Single view of contact center performance and resources

Time savings and scalability

3 days

To move entire telephony infrastructure to the cloud

Immediate ROI

At a Glance

Industry Mortgage Broker

Region Australia & New Zealand

Products Used Calabrio ONE suite including Workforce Management, Quality Management, Analytics and Data Management

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Highly customizable dashboards in Calabrio Data Management provide single view of contact center performance


This leading home loan and mortgage broker contact center supports over 900 brokers and their clients, answering general questions and making changes to home loans while administering new business leads for brokers. Around 60%-70% of work is telephone-based and 30%-40% is administrative and agents rely on a range of different systems to service customers.

They were keen to maximize the full capabilities of moving to a cloud contact center, but disconnected systems and data silos were holding them back. The biggest barrier to success was having no clear or complete view of contact center operations.
In uncertain times, such as the coronavirus pandemic, when call volumes spiked, having visibility of contact center performance is necessary for knowing where to allocate resources in order to support customers in the best possible way.

They evaluated the marketplace to find a solution that would integrate seamlessly with their existing Salesforce CRM and new Amazon Connect voice platform to enhance contact center performance and resource optimization.


They went live with the complete Calabrio ONE suite including Workforce Management, Quality Management, Analytics and Data Management. The solution’s strong integration capabilities provide fast and easy access to customer, call, workforce and performance data in real-time.

With the help of Calabrio, they were able to move their entire telephony platform in a span of 3 days without a single customer being impacted either through dropped calls or quality of conversations.

The business relies on Calabrio to create dashboards that are easily customizable to each user’s requirements. For example, business leaders can see quality scores, survey responses, CSAT ratings as well as essential call data all on one screen. At a glance, they can tell how their entire operation is functioning from having a snapshot of what happened the day before to forecasting what is coming their way.

Team leaders and agents are able to drill down into everyday performance details, such as where there are breakdowns in conversations or where they might improve wrap-up times. Meanwhile, executives can focus on the bigger picture without having to consult contact center managers.

The difference Calabrio has made to our contact center is like night and day. With information all on one screen, I now have a single view of how my entire operation is functioning. The dashboards in particular have been incredible because they take away the complexity and just give us the numbers we need to monitor our performance and capacity on a day-to-day basis.”

Senior Manager, Customer Contact Center
Leading Home Loan and Mortgage Broker in Australia



Implementing the Calabrio ONE solution has accelerated the success of the contact center’s cloud transformation. The company is now a data-driven organization that drives faster, more effective decision-making. Real-time data provides managers with a single, unified view of operations while workforce planners can create fast, efficient schedules at the click of a button.

The ability to visualize contact center activities and resources in one place is so much easier and time-efficient than manually pulling information together from different data sources. It also helps to set expectations by evidencing the reasons for re-allocating time and resources to other projects.

“After all, time is money and if you can utilize resources elsewhere then everybody wins,” explains the Senior Manager, Customer Contact Center


Dashboards are particularly popular and powerful. Highly customizable, everyone can create their own dashboards without having to rely on Calabrio to make changes for them. Dashboards take away the complexity and give users the numbers they need to view their performance on a day-to-day basis.

Integration with the Calabrio system has been crucial but one of the biggest successes is how Calabrio has taught the organization to become their own experts. To have a team that can pull together new dashboards using a brand-new system that they have only known for a few months is a huge achievement. What is more, similar to their business, the solution is always evolving.

Calabrio’s Data Management capabilities have been life-changing. They now have all the visibility they need to fully optimize contact center resources and performance in one integrated, simple-to-use platform.

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