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Paychex Immediately Improves Contact Center Efficiencies Across the Board


in annual productivity savings


Adherence Growth


Increased intraday

Forecasted within 5% of
actuals in first 10 weeks

At a Glance

Company Paychex

Industry Financial Services

Region U.S. &  Europe

Products Used Calabrio WFM

About Paychex

With headquarters in Rochester, NY, Paychex, Inc. delivers integrated human capital management solutions for payroll, benefits, human resources and insurance services. It’s in this way that Paychex empowers over 650,000 small- and medium-sized business owners to focus on the growth and management of their business.

Consolidating disparate WFM efforts delivers fast results and half a million in annual savings


Paychex doggedly maintains a lofty goal of never losing touch with its clients. But when Paychex couldn’t guarantee an agent was always available to take client calls, it became clear the company was falling short of its promise.

Different Paychex contact center teams were operating in silos and using three different contact center technology systems. This disintegrated approach wasn’t delivering the best possible experience to its clients, and it certainly couldn’t support the company’s projected fast growth.

Leaders knew the only way to remedy the situation was to unify all users and workforce management (WFM) capabilities into one single, full-featured platform.


Using the Calabrio ONE platform, Paychex has optimized its contact center scheduling and intraday forecasting, enabled more contact center staff to focus on client relationship management, and implemented a voluntary time-off program to prevent overstaffing during low-volume periods.

The fast results we achieved really opened everybody’s eyes. We gave people WFM insights they’ve never been able to see before.

Caryn Yurkstas –
Sr. Workforce Analyst


Paychex immediately improved agent adherence by 20%, increased intraday optimization by 45% and delivered forecasting that—in its first 10 weeks—came within 5% of actuals.

Long-term results are equally impressive—the initiative has saved Paychex $539,000 in productivity.

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