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SaveOnSP Taps the Calabrio ONE Suite to Unite Mission-Critical Data Across Contact Center Applications

Half a million dollars / year

<5% / day

≤5% error margin


In workforce savings alone

Exceeding quality scores

Intraday shrinkage average

Accuracy of forecast predictions

In rich, visual dashboards

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Company SaveOnSP

Industry Insurance

Region U.S.

Products Used Entire Calabrio ONE Suite

About SaveOnSP

Headquartered in Buffalo, NY, drug benefit company SaveOnSP was founded by experts in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries with one goal in mind: to lower the prices employers and their plan participants pay for the most commonly used specialty medications.

Achieves a complete view of the contact center and better business insights with Calabrio Data Management.


SaveOnSP leaders are dedicated to ensuring plan participants experience a seamless benefits transition, and all SaveOnSP employees view them as their top priority.

Despite this focus, the company’s contact center used to build manual forecasts instead of using technology designed for that purpose. Worse yet, no quality assurance program was in place to measure — or optimize — the customer experience (CX) provided by SaveOnSP’s agents. Managers, in fact, still used rudimentary Excel spreadsheets from the contact center’s first year of operations to manage service quality.

Leaders knew this legacy approach couldn’t give them the agility or insight needed to consistently uphold the commitments on which they base their business. It was time to modernize.


Our Command Center works tirelessly to deliver on urgent reporting asks and provide concise, insightful data visualizations. I personally have built many enterprise-wide Calabrio Data Management dashboards that are utilized daily by various levels of SaveOnSP management.”

Sara MacAllister
Sr. Workforce Analyst

Leaders deployed the full Calabrio ONE suite to usher in a new era of customer experience at SaveOnSP. Calabrio Workforce Management (WFM) helps contact center managers accurately forecast volumes, while Calabrio Data Management helped them tie together real-time, mission-critical data from a variety of contact center applications and present it side-by-side with related, historical data.

More than 100 different, Calabrio Data Management-powered dashboards currently exist, including:
• a call avoidance trends dashboard that helps contact center supervisors coach and manage staff;
• a metrics comparison dashboard used by upper management to track each contact center supervisor team’s success and productivity;

• a performance dashboard that enables agents to monitor their key metrics and manage their own performance;
• an interval stats dashboard used by management and executives for staff planning;

• a historical inbound arrivals dashboard used by the contact center’s command center to forecast calls; and
• a prior day shrinkage/vector dashboard used in daily meetings by management and executives.


With Calabrio, SaveOnSP has transformed the reporting and quality landscape of its CX and boosted contact center operational efficiencies. By quickly fulfilling urgent reporting requests and providing concise data visualizations, WFM analysts give the contact center and other departments across SaveOnSP the greater insight and understanding they need.

For example, visibility into individual agent performance — including identifying agents who are struggling or avoiding calls — gives contact center supervisors an opportunity to provide timely, meaningful coaching or disciplinary action when warranted, saving SaveOnSP an estimated $500,000 per year through the elimination of unproductive staff.

Now, SaveOnSP’s contact center call adherence is “exceptional,” quality scores for most employees meet expectations (with many employees now surpassing the quality goal), intraday shrinkage now averages less than 5% per day and WFM forecasters have predicted calls within a 5% margin of error for nearly an entire year. The contact center also avoids the daily financial penalties it would have to pay if performance guarantees related to average speed of answer (ASA) and abandonment were missed – saving thousands of dollars.

But Calabrio ONE doesn’t just benefit the contact center. Executives and management across SaveOnSP now rely upon several Calabrio-powered, enterprise-wide dashboards every day, including one that presents a full summary of the prior-day KPIs. Several departments do, too — SaveOnSP’s billing department, for instance, significantly improved its team’s rates of missed calls, shrinkage and occupancy while finally eliminating a backlog of 10,000 outstanding tasks thanks to a Calabrio-powered time allocation analysis dashboard.

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