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Teleperformance China Streamlines Outsourcing Projects and Customer Service

Accurate forecasts, within
+/-5% of actuals

Forecasts more accurate than
those created by clients

Increased project efficiency

Higher contact
center productivity

At a Glance

Company Teleperformance China

Industry Outsourced Services

Region Global

Products Used Calabrio WFM

About Teleperformance

Teleperformance, a leading global outsourcing company, began its operations in China in 2006. It provides technical support and customer care for major clients across many industries, including telecommunications, electronics, travel and financial services.

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Automated forecasting and scheduling accelerate account implementations and streamline CX processes


A powerhouse organization of vast capability and flexibility, Teleperformance China offers 24/7, omnichannel customer service that helps some of the world’s most well-known brands and businesses meet a variety of needs. The company is active in over eight languages—including Cantonese, English, Japanese and Korean—and employs 3,800 multi-skilled agents spread across four (soon to be five) contact center sites.

Teleperformance China oversees many well-known, high-volume projects all at the same time, and has to be ultra-adaptive to the requirements of each client and project. For example, one of its projects included providing technical support for one of the world’s main technology providers, where Teleperformance China handled 60% of this client’s 56,394 daily customer service calls. Some calls were lengthy and in-depth, with the least-critical issue still requiring an average call time of 10-11 minutes.

Despite the sophistication of its business model, Teleperformance China’s forecasters still manually created forecasting reports because their existing workforce management (WFM) system lacked a strong tool to do it.

To accelerate account implementations and streamline customer service processes, Teleperformance China knew it needed a new WFM solution that offered immense flexibility and efficiency to handle the company’s high-volume, high-demand channels.


Teleperformance China deployed Calabrio WFM to meet its needs for automated, accurate forecasting.  

Calabrio lets forecasters and scheduling analysts easily test different scenarios and create the custom WFM configurations its clients require. 

[Calabrio WFM has] one of the best forecasting tools that I have used in my entire workforce life.”

Michael Hernandez –
Sr. Manager of Workforce Management
Teleperformance China


The improved forecasts delivered by Calabrio WFM are significantly more accurate than what Teleperformance had before. In fact, the new forecasts typically are even more accurate than the clients’ own forecasts—contact center leaders found that their Calabrio-powered forecasts come in at +/-5% of the actual figures, while client forecasts average +/-15%.

Managers have embraced the forecasting and scheduling control Calabrio WFM offers, and credit the solution with aiding Teleperformance China’s efforts to constantly increase project efficiency. Top-level management also benefits from the additional security, productivity and efficiency that Calabrio provides, which they believe are helping to maximize the company’s profits.

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