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INDUSTRY: IT Consulting


PRODUCTS USED: Calabrio Quality Management, Calabrio Workforce Management, Calabrio Analytics


Needed easy-to-use tools to help staff and evaluate their 24 x 7 operation


“Calabrio ONE helps us drive quality and consistency into our customer interactions which helps us secure new business.” – Craig Schmidtke,
Executive Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Product Strategy, Virteva

Virteva Gains Deep Business Insights with Calabrio ONE


IT managed service provider streamlines contact center operations and improves quality

Calabrio ONE helps uncover business insights and secure new business


Virteva provides IT consulting and managed services, including service desk, end-point management, and infrastructure managed services. With 110 employees based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Virteva’s mission is to provide contact center and service desk services to their global customer base more effectively and efficiently than they can do for themselves. Highly skilled service desk analysts field 60 to 70 IT support inquiries per day through a variety of customer queues, each with different volumes and priority levels.


When Virteva saw a dramatic shift in IT contact center services moving overseas, the company knew it needed a way to drive business by demonstrating the quality of its services. With a 24 x 7 operation and a limited number of staff, Virteva’s service desk analysts were working on a rotating schedule that changed from week to week. With numerous skill groups and customer queues to consider, managing this complicated and ever evolving schedule in spreadsheets quickly became overwhelming. Supervisors had no insight into whether or not they were staffed properly at any given time. They were also lacking visibility into adherence levels and agent activity. In addition, quality assurance efforts were also difficult to manage. Supervisors were evaluating customer interactions, but there were no tools in place to ensure consistency of evaluation criteria.


Virteva chose Calabrio ONE to propel it to become the next generation service desk.

“We had done a great job of implementing a new enterprise-level phone and ticketing system, but it still felt like there was a missing component,” explains Jamey Anderson, executive vice president of operations.  “Calabrio ONE filled in that missing link for us, and helped to bridge those two systems and provided us with capabilities that demonstrated that we had game at an enterprise level.”

Working with Calabrio Implementation Services, Calabrio Quality Management was up and running and Virteva was recording and evaluating calls in just 30 days. In another 30 days, Calabrio Workforce Management was in place and the first schedules were being created. Virteva later rounded out their Calabrio ONE suite with the addition of Calabrio Analytics, with the goal of better understanding the nature of the inquiries they were receiving.


The integrated Calabrio ONE software suite provided Virteva with visibility into the effectiveness and productivity of individual service desk analysts as well as overall contact center trends and challenges in one intuitive interface. With their new easy-to-use software, Virteva was able to see when their call volumes were spiking so they could staff accordingly and adjust schedules on the fly to improve service levels.

“We have a very complex call center, and we’re adding new customer queues all the time,” said Holly Petersen, training and development specialist. “We can now make live adjustments to the schedule, enter exceptions, and monitor adherence in Calabrio ONE, and we’ve gained a lot of efficiency. Our workforce supervisors have so much more insight into the day, the schedule, and the quality of work that’s happening.”

Customizable evaluation forms have improved the consistency of feedback and coaching, and Virteva has seen an improvement in the technical and customer service skills of their service desk analysts. In addition, Calabrio Analytics has allowed Virteva to tap into the data being gathered by the contact center which helps them to understand their customers and to identify opportunities for their business

“Calabrio Analytics has been our biggest surprise.  It helped us identify trends that we had no idea were occurring. We were able to deal with these issues and dramatically reduce our call volume,” Anderson said. “Calabrio ONE is like a really big brain that helps us absorb all of our customer interaction data and puts forth a road map that allows us to manage our business better.”

Craig Schmidtke, Virteva’s executive vice president of sales, marketing, and product strategy, elaborated, “Calabrio fits right into the sweet spot of our interactions with our clients, which is the core value of our service. It enriches the entire customer experience. Calabrio ONE helps us drive quality and consistency into our customer interactions which helps us secure new business.”


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