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State of the
Contact Center 2022

Empowering the Contact Center as a Brand Guardian

The results of our annual survey are in and the takeaway is clear: Consumer loyalty is fleeting—and directly tied to brand revenue. In fact, a staggering 97% of consumers say their contact center interactions directly impact their brand loyalty—with nearly half stating that they’ll leave a brand after only 2 negative interactions. That’s why it’s more important than ever to elevate your contact center as a formidable brand guardian.

In the “State of the Contact Center 2022” report, we analyzed the results of our global survey to better understand key trends and misperceptions shaping the future of customer service. In this infographic, you’ll get access to the most important findings we uncovered, including:

• Eye-opening gaps between consumer and contact center manager perceptions
• Biggest barriers to better agent service, according to consumers
• Top investments among managers to empower agents

Use the stats in the full infographic to boost satisfaction and loyalty among your brand’s customers.

Invest in Your Agents for Better CX

Taking care of your agents is good business. To boost citizen satisfaction, you must know how your agents feel – especially when retention and recruitment are down. Learn how to harness your existing data to uncover agent skill or behavior gaps that affect CX.

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