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Workforce Management Roundtable

Workforce management has long been defined as ensuring that the right numbers of agents are available at the right time to service customers.  There are agent human-factor considerations that place a practical limit on the number of company-initiated staffing changes that can be made, so intraday staffing optimization efforts are generally focused on addressing major staffing variances only, while minor staffing variances are ignored even though they still impact service levels (when understaffed) or operations costs (when overstaffed).

The virtues of approaching WFM from an enterprise perspective enables you to quickly align your workforce with your workload, deliver a more consistent customer experience and benefit from:

  • Considering all customer touch-points (including contact centers, branches, and back-office operations)
  • Balancing the needs of employees, keeping them engaged and empowering them
  • Looking at WFM as a unified part of the larger WFO puzzle
  • Intelligent agent schedule-schedule change empowerment that can enable workforce administrators to more effectively address every staffing variance – large or small –  “the final frontier“ of intraday staffing optimization.

Discover how to maximize forecast accuracy and define what “good” workforce management actually looks like by jumping in to the math behind the science of WFM.

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