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White Papers & Reports

From the latest best practices and innovative strategies to emerging trends impacting the contact center world, these are resources to keep your business moving forward.

White Papers & Reports

From the latest best practices and innovative strategies to emerging trends impacting the contact center world, these are resources to keep your business moving forward.

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CCW Market Study: The State of Contact Center Technology

This CCW Market Report reveals how to rethink the technology landscape to achieve unprecedented customer contact value. Download the report to learn more.


February 12, 2020

4 Steps to Calculating the ROI on Customer Experience Intelligence

Translate the voice of your customers into intelligence that sets you apart from every other organization. Download the White Paper now.


6 Success Stories from Calabrio Analytics Workshops

Learn how Calabrio experts helped six organizations put Calabrio Analytics to work and gain traction for customer-focused transformations – without losing sight of operational costs.


January 31, 2020

Industry Insiders — Innovative Insights

Read what the experts are saying on the future of customer experience.

January 20, 2020

Customer Service Performance Checklist

Download our Customer Service Performance Checklist and see if your customer service is running smoothly.

January 7, 2020

Pelorus Report – Global Market for Workforce Management Software

Download the Pelorus Report to learn how modern WFM vendors stack up.

WFM Performance Checklist

Download this WFM checklist and see if your contact center WFM technology needs a refresh.

Enhancing Agent Engagement: 5 WEM Strategies to Drive Better Customer Experience from the Inside Out

Differentiate your workforce by implementing these 5 strategies to boost agent engagement, improve retention and enhance skill development.


December 20, 2019

The Definitive Guide to the Modern Contact Center

Learn how contact centers are turning to innovative technologies to increase customer retention, empower agents and deliver measurable business value.

The Definitive Ruide Modern Contact Center

December 19, 2019

Top 10 Analytics Use Cases

Considering implementing an analytics solution in your contact center? Discover 10 practical, real-world use cases.

December 18, 2019

Contact Babel – The US Customer Experience Decision Makers’ Guide 2019-20

A recent survey of 219 senior customer experience (CX) and customer contact professionals uncovers top priorities in handling the ever-changing CX environment for 2019-2020.

December 17, 2019

The Contact Center Analytics Kit

Download the analytics kit to learn about analytics use cases, how to start an analytics program, and how Calabrio helps organizations transform customer interaction data into meaningful customer insights.

December 16, 2019

The Health of the Contact Center Report

A recent study of 1,000 agents worldwide uncovers the true health of today’s contact centers. Read the report for key findings that can help you revitalize your agent experience.


December 15, 2019

The Future of Contact Center Analytics

Analytics technology is evolving rapidly. Learn what’s in store for big data and stay ahead of the curve in your contact center.

December 14, 2019

Building Next-Generation WFM for Your Contact Center

Evolve your WFM strategy to the next level and benefit the masses. Download our ebook and learn emerging best practices and see what’s in store for the future of WFM.

December 13, 2019

The Contact Center Guide to Gaining Business Influence

Download the tip sheet to learn 7 tips on how to tell a captivating story with voice of the customer (VoC) data.

December 10, 2019

The Danger of Digital

New study reveals what companies must focus on first to meet customer expectations for digital service.

December 8, 2019

Transforming the Contact Center into a Customer Intelligence Hub

Learn how advanced contact center analytics technology can unlock rich voice-of-the-customer (VoC) insights and drive business value.

Whit Paper Transforming the Contact Center i

December 6, 2019

Beyond Shift Bidding: Dynamic Scheduling

Learn about Dynamic Scheduling and discover how it simplifies WFM processes, increases performance and reduces agent turnover.

Beyond Shift Bidding Dynamic Scheduling

December 5, 2019

The Benefits & ROI of Speech Analytics

Discover how leading companies are using speech analytics in the contact center to improve their customer experience and drive top line growth.

The Benefits & ROI of Speech Analytics

December 4, 2019

The Path to Better Contact Center Reporting

As the contact center landscape changes, so too must the reporting and analytics solutions that drive decision-making and performance management.

The Path to Better Contact Center Reporting

December 2, 2019

Multichannel Analytics in the Contact Center

Learn how contact center analytics can uncover data from customer interactions and provide valuable business insights.

December 1, 2019

Contact Center Priorities for 2018

What do contact centers want to achieve and why do these goals matter? Get your copy of the CCW Digital Executive Report to learn the main goals executives have for their contact center in the coming year.

Contact Center Executive Setting Priorities

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November 30, 2019

Top 3 Ways to Forecast for Your Contact Center

Good forecasting generates immediate savings and improves customer satisfaction because it reduces understaffing and overstaffing, minimizes customer wait times and optimizes the customer experience.

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November 29, 2019

Driving Customer-Centric Business Strategies

Download our ebook to learn the 4 steps to turning the contact center into a business intelligence engine.

November 28, 2019

How to Succeed with Contact Center Analytics

Learn how analytics can help uncover customers needs, identify factors causing negative experiences and reduce agent turnover.

November 26, 2019

The Definitive Primer on Employee Engagement

High agent turnover is expensive and disruptive. Download this primer to learn strategies that will help you increase retention by engaging your contact center employees.

November 25, 2019

Evaluating TCO for Customer Engagement Software

Learn how to build a comprehensive Total Cost of Ownership model to choose the right workforce optimization solution.

Evaluating TCO for Customer Engagement Software

November 24, 2019

4 Key Ways to Make Moving Your Contact Center to the Cloud Even Easier

Tried-and-True Ideas to Help You Finally Overcome Any Lingering Fears About Migrating to the Cloud

Customer Experience Game Changers

Read this Executive Report from CCW for in-depth research about how contact centers are addressing changes in the customer experience space.

Customer Experience Game Changers

November 23, 2019

The Definitive Primer on Workforce Engagement Management

Learn why contact centers are turning to WEM software to elevate the customer experience, overcome competitive threats, reduce talent shortages and increase agent tenures.

November 21, 2019

How Speech Analytics Helps You Take Charge of Compliance and Liability

Learn about federal regulations that directly impact contact centers and how speech analytics can help monitor compliance and reduce risk.

How Speech Analytics Helps You Take Charge of Compliance and Liability

November 20, 2019

Leveraging Millennials in the Contact Center

Discover how to improve your ability to retain Millennial agents and leverage their unique performance potential.

Millennials at Work

November 17, 2019

Three Tips for Measuring Voice in the Sea of Big Data

Find out how to analyze thousands of voice conversations to uncover the true voice of your customers.

Voice in the Sea of Big Data

November 14, 2019

Report: The Future of the Contact Center

Discover CCIQ’s Winter 2016 findings about the trends and challenges facing the contact center based on a worldwide survey of contact center leaders.

Report the Future of the Contact Center

November 12, 2019

Get Smart About Contact Center Reporting

If you need better ways to get business intelligence out of your customer interactions, discover why it’s time to move beyond the spreadsheet in your contact center.


November 11, 2019

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