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3 Award-Winning Workforce Optimization (WFO) Analytics Success Stories

2020 changed everything for contact centers. Agents moved home and faced unexpected peaks and dips in call volumes and felt more emotionally charged customer interactions, while managers tackled scheduling with unpredictable agent availability.


State of the Contact Center 2021: Cloud is here. What’s next?

The modern multi-channel contact center has entered a Cloud-Smart Era.

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Calabrio Analytics

Calabrio Analytics enables you to capture 100 percent of your customer conversations (regardless of channel), and know what has actually been said and how agents are performing.

White Paper

The Top 10 Use Cases for
Contact Center Analytics

Proven Strategies to Drive Business Value. Learn a deeper understanding of the three distinct types of modern contact center analytics tools .

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AI Based Speech Analytics
for Actionable Insights

Watch the webinar on-demand to learn: How a real customer saved millions of dollars and improved CSAT using AI behavioral analytics.

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