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Introducing Gen Z – “Millennials on Steroids”

Understanding the Snapchat, Smartphone generation is essential for building highly effective contact centre teams according to Daniel Mayer at Calabrio The worldwide director of J Walter Thompson’s Innovation Group, Lucie Greene, famously referred to Gen Z or Gen Zers as “millennials on steroids” . Born in the late 1990s to the 2010s, this Snapchat, Smartphone [...]
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Don’t be Fooled by Contact Centre Data—Use Advanced Reporting and Analytics Instead

With the emergence of multi-channel communication in today’s contact centres comes an inherent challenge: accessing and understanding all the data created by those various channels. Having a plan on what to do with the data and with whom to share the information is just as important as access to the data. After all, how else will […]

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What the GDPR Means for Your Contact Centre

It is important to realise that if your organisation operates outside of the European Union (EU) and you have just one EU contact within your contact centre database, you need to understand and comply with the looming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Your time to prepare is running out—the new regulation goes into effect on […]

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5 Tips for Presenting Customer Information Data Across Your Organisation

As advances in technology have empowered customers and increased their expectations, both the cost of losing a customer and the value of retaining one have grown. The need for accurate, ongoing insights into customer preferences and behaviour is greater than ever. The traditional way businesses have tried to learn what their customers think was to […]

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Calabrio Delivers Highly Accurate Sentiment Analysis to Capture and Interpret Customer Insights

In the intense race to drive customer loyalty, companies are more focused than ever on the customer experience (CX). In fact, 72 percent of businesses say that improving customer experience is at the top of the list to grow business. It’s clear that customers are driving brands to transform, and many organisations are turning to [...]
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Inspiring Change Through Contact Centre Analytics

The world is data-driven. And the motto “numbers don’t lie” stems from the idea that data is the source of undeniable truth. Data driven metrics act as a catalyst; it reveals patterns, uncovers strengths and weaknesses, and prompts change. While companies acknowledge data as an important business tool, many fail to wholly utilise the information […]

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Guest Blog: 6 Key Considerations Before Including Chatbots In Your Customer Service Strategy

As communication channels multiply and the potential of chatbot-driven service grows, Monika Götzmann, guest blogger for Calabrio and EMEA Marketing Director of Miller Heiman Group, highlights what needs to be considered before taking a grip on this opportunity. Chatbots have emerged as one of the biggest customer service technology breakthroughs of recent times. Indeed, the [...]
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Don’t Rely on Luck. Why You Need to Invest in Workforce Management

Do you believe luck plays a significant part in your own career? What about the role luck plays in driving positive business results for your contact centre? A recent simulation by two Italian physicists and an Italian economist attempted to quantify the role of luck and talent in successful careers. Their results—which correspond with studies based […]

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