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What’s keeping you from Workforce Management in the Cloud?

Jeremy Hamill-Keays, Product Manager, Calabrio reveals the major headaches and explains how a cloud-based approach to WFM has all the answers With the IT landscape transforming at lightning speed, contact centres must keep up to remain competitive. According to the “Dimension Data 2015 Global Contact Centre Benchmarking Report”, “workforce management is one area in which [...]
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Perfect Schedules and Pesky Peaks and Troughs

Jeremy Hamill-Keays, Product Manager, Calabrio takes a look at how workforce management fills the gaps Running a successful contact centre means being proactive and not reactive – once the level of service starts to drop it can often snowball, one delay leading to a bigger delay and so on. So it is important to be […]

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The Vendor Experience: Why You Should Want More

Providing the best customer experience possible is at the top of every company’s priority list. Brands know that customers want personalised, proactive service that validates their purchase decision. Customers want brand interaction to be seamless and easy, and brands know that they risk losing their competitive advantage if they fail to deliver. With this pressure […]

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May the force…of mobility be with you!

Do you know how many times the average user checks his or her smartphone a day? It comes to a whopping 150 times a day! This explosive rise in mobile usage gives us the chance to stay connected 24/7. This also allows customers to shop and interact with businesses in ways that were unimaginable only [...]
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How to Keep Your Remote Agents Connected and Engaged

While technology certainly plays a key factor in this and has made it easier for companies to transition to a remote work environment many of them are still not quite sure what policies they need to adopt and what first steps to take to keep their remote employees happy. If you are looking for ways […]

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Bringing Customer Experience into Higher Focus

Last month, Adobe Marketing VP, John Travis, shared insights from Adobe’s 2016 Digital Trends report, including which opportunities businesses are most excited about this year. The number one response? Customer Experience. “In 2014, it emerged as a top priority for marketers. In 2015, it gained momentum. Now, in 2016, it’s so important, it pulls other […]

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Call Centre Performance Metrics: What I Learned on the Way to the (r)Evolution

As the contact centre industry gradually shifts its collective focus from cost-driven customer service to profit-oriented customer experience optimization, there is a noticeable shift in the way the industry is measuring a successful customer contact. There is an industry evolution underway that is taking forward-thinking, leading-edge contact centres further away from performance-based key performance indicators […]

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All forecasts are wrong: tips for improving accuracy

All forecasts are wrong. This infamous statement may be among the first things professors preach in many university-level business courses on forecasting. Most of us are familiar with the frustration felt when we are unable to close a project within the budgeted scope, year-end business volumes are nowhere near the January forecasts, summer vacations are [...]
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