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Top 2016 Trend & Goal of WFM: Efficiency & Productivity

In a survey conducted by Workforce Magazine, organisational efficiency was one of three major trends predicted for 2016. This was echoed by leading contact-centre analyst DMG Consulting. In fact, #1 on the DMG list of top enterprise servicing goals for 2016 was productivity and cost reduction, beating service quality for the first time. So, managers [...]
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Boost belonging & motivation – through team names!

I’ve written about contact-centre motivation and employee promotion before. In the time I’ve been working at Calabrio, I’ve come across a number of customers who don’t have or use team names. In light of all the benefits, I wonder why this is so. Belonging is a fundamental human need. Being on a team with a name [...]
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7 Top Priorities for the Future of Customer Engagement

The “smart” technology that revolutionised our cell phones is finding its way into just about everything: medical devices, baby monitors, smoke detectors, thermostats, running shoes, even cows. Yes, cows: A company in the Netherlands developed a sensor that attaches to a cow’s ear, monitors its vital signs and transmits the data to a computer, which […]

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Bringing out the best in the Millennial Generation – Top Tips for keeping Millennials happy in the workplace

Call them what you will, Millennials, the Millennial Generation, Generation Y or the Net Generation are the future of our workplace, a growing and very important part of today’s talent pool. In fact, according to American company Bronto, a worldwide provider of cloud-based commerce marketing automation platforms , Millennials number a staggering 79 million and [...]
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Calabrio Hosts an Hour of Code

Hour of Code comes to Calabrio Last week Calabrio participated in the global Hour of Code campaign with 60 students from Visitation High School. The group, comprised of freshman to senior girls, completed an Hour of Code exercise with Software Engineer Chris Jordan. They also heard from Calabrio employees about various career opportunities in tech, ranging from […]

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Beyond the Silo: You are not alone

WFM and planning professionals customarily have a set of specialised skills that are used to create magic, ensuring that when customers contact a company, that this can be done with ease and rapid accessibility. To provide this, assumptions are based on historical volumes, average handling times (AHT) and even historical shrinkage. However, is there really [...]
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What It Takes to Become a Leader

Success doesn’t happen by accident. You can’t catalyze growth without a commitment to make a change. For every company, there’s a time when you must invest in prosperity and build a strategy to reach new levels of success and break through barriers. But what if growth didn’t have to be so difficult? At Calabrio, we believe […]

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Six ways to make CSR programmes a key factor for high employee engagement – TELUS International Guest Blog

Last month, I had the pleasure to speak at a joint webinar with Teleopti where the hot topic concerning customer-service organisations was discussed. Practical tips were shared, based on our own company experiences about how to communicate with and engage the Gen Y workforce. Webinar here. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) may be employed to contribute [...]
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