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Clothing Retailer Manages Escalations with Calabrio Analytics

Succeed in identifying escalations with calabrio analytics When a leading clothing retailer for men saw a rise in call escalations, the company knew it had to get to the bottom of why agents weren’t handling calls themselves. After all, a call escalation diverts a supervisor’s focus away from other important tasks, and agents should be […]

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How to Get Started with Advanced Analytics for QM and Compliance

“I need to know how many calls were fielded from East Coast customers during the past six months who were having problems with their check cards. Oh, and I want to know which of those calls were from customers in our loyalty programme, and how many were men between 35 and 44, and which wear […]

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From Tom Goodmanson

New never gets old. At Calabrio, we like the surge of adrenaline that comes when new solutions and services spring to life. We’re proud to be at the forefront of change and innovation. It’s no surprise that the contact centre industry continues to grow as organisations around the world realise the tremendous value that can […]

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Tom’s Take on the Calabrio User Group’s 2013 Annual Event

CUG 2013 As I sit down to write my summary of the 2013 Calabrio User Group (CUG) National Summit, my thoughts centre on how much we have accomplished as a company with the support of such extraordinary customers. Calabrio customers have been truly integral to how far we’ve come in 6 short years. When we […]

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Desktop Analytics: It’s Not Just What You Say, It’s What You Do

Find out how Calabrio desktop analytics can hold your workforce accountable Big Data is like a puzzle: there’s a lot of great information, but if you don’t have every piece you need, then you can’t complete the picture. Having the big picture is important when you are relying on the data to make informed business […]

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Meet Your New Market Research Team: The Contact Centre

Marketers have it easy – right? Data from various sources, including social media, are providing streams of new information rich with insight from customers about what they like – and don’t like – about a company’s products, advertisements, positioning, etc. With so much information pouring in from all angles, it can be overwhelming for CMOs. And, […]

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Desktop Analytics for the Masses

Calabrio integrates Desktop analytics With the advent of Calabrio’s Web 2.0-based Calabrio ONE workforce optimization platform a couple of years ago, the company has earned a reputation for offering contact centre solutions for the masses. Not only are Calabrio’s solutions easy to use, their graphical user interfaces and familiar drop-down menus mean that no specialised […]

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Why Scalability is Important in a Call Recording Platform

In the communications industry, the word “scale” is typically associated with the addition of more equipment—a notion that is also tied to more cost and complexity. At Calabrio, however, we feel that scalability should be less about growing bigger, and instead growing better. We strive to make activities in the contact centre simpler, yet more […]

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