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Teleopti Customers: How to Use Calabrio Advanced Reporting

Legacy Teleopti WFM customers now have the ability to use Calabrio Advanced Reporting — and gain even greater insight into their contact centre operations. The Unified Data Mart (UDM) with data library uses the Teleopti WFM data mart as its source. The adapter comes with a standard set of starter dashboard and reports to help […]

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Making the Most out of Your Virtual Events

I was really excited about 2020. I planned for several speaking appearances, multiple business trips and new connections with customers, partners and leaders in our space. Lots of hand shaking, group pictures, happy hours and just connecting. You know — all of the things we aren’t allowed to do anymore! The pivot from in-person events […]

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Evolving World of Work: Top 3 Call Centre Insights to Track

Serious, unusual circumstances like a pandemic tend to shine a spotlight on the call centre insights that matter most. That’s because stressful times and uncertain economic conditions can bring out the worst in everyone: customers’ emotions might run high while their patience hits an all-time low, and agents might forget or forego some of their [...]
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Customers Want to Feel Heard—Calabrio and UJET can Help You be a Better Listener

After months in total or semi-isolation, today’s customers—especially those with less disposable income due to economic shutdowns—have an even greater need to feel heard by the customer service teams they contact. But what customers actually mean when they say they want to be “heard” might surprise you. Calabrio’s recent Evolving World of Work study—which researched […]

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Lucky Seven! Calabrio Named a Top Workplace Seven Times Running

When nominations opened for the 2020 Star Tribune Top Workplace rankings in January, no one anticipated the changes that would impact us, come March. In just two months, our focus on nurturing a human-centric workplace faced an entirely new challenge when we pivoted to a 100 percent work-from-home model due to COVID-19.   I have titled this blog post “Lucky Seven” but it is of course […]

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Helping a community in need: Our outreach efforts in the Twin Cities

For our Calabrio employees, the recent events in Minneapolis have special significance. The Twin Cities is home to our U.S. headquarters, and we wanted to help out as our community dealt with changes. Below is a summary of Calabrio’s community outreach efforts in May and June 2020. We’re proud of every Calabrio member who pitched […]

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5 Ways COVID-19 Shifted Customer Expectations

You’ve probably heard industry experts talk about how customers expected more from contact centre representatives during the COVID-19 pandemic, and how many of those changes are here to stay. We’ve heard that, too. But what exactly do they mean? After all, customers always have had high expectations for the customer service representatives they entrust with [...]
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Moving to the cloud: Real world advice

Over the past several weeks we’ve been hearing from a lot of you about the challenges that you’re facing due to COVID-19, especially as it relates to things like maintaining business continuity, having to rapidly deploy and manage a remote workforce, maybe adding new capabilities to address new problems, etc. For those of you that […]

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