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Customer Experience Strategies
for BPOs

Scalable, Robust Workforce Optimisation
and Powerful Voice of the Customer Analytics
for Your Business Process Outsourcing Organisation

Customer Experience Strategies for BPOs

Scalable, Robust Workforce Optimisation
and Powerful Voice of the Customer Analytics
for Your Business Process Outsourcing Organisation

As Resourcing Needs Grow, BPO Organisations Must Create a Better Customer Experience

Business Process Outsourcing organisations find themselves in a unique position. With more companies shifting their resources and customers increasing expectations for good service, the BPO provides a compelling solution for contact centre management. However, increased demand for BPOs must be met by systems that optimise the entire customer experience.

Every BPO needs some help with change management and governance. Most BPOs also need help with streamlining their access systems. Anything that reduces manual effort and automates process will help them better serve their customers. Such multi-tenant capabilities are increasingly expected in the BPO industry: even saving a few seconds on a customer call can mean everything when managing multiple customer accounts.

To improve the experience for their customers, some BPOs are using customer intelligence platforms to analyse voice of the customer data, much of which flows through the contact centre daily. From phone calls to emails to chats, omnichannel contact centres are central repositories of a wealth of customer knowledge. However, accessing and analysing this data can be tricky.

That’s why BPO organisations are turning to Calabrio to help analyse 100% of customer interactions.

Our easy-to-use and intuitive technology helps BPOs identify dissatisfied customers for their clients and pinpoint areas of improvement. And our custom dashboards allow you to measure critical KPIs including customer sentiment and Net Promoter Scores.

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Deliver a true next-gen customer experience

Nine ways that BPOs are using analytics to take CX to a higher level for their customer organisations.

A fully integrated agent & customer engagement suite.

Calabrio ONE

Calabrio ONE customer experience strategies

What can we help you with?

call recording customer experience strategies

Call Recording

 Amazingly clean and simple. Capture and retrieve calls quickly and accurately. Never miss a call.

quality management- customer experience strategies

Quality Management

Access and evaluate 100% of your customer interactions. Gain powerful performance insights.

workforce management- customer experience strategies

Workforce Management

More than optimised staffing levels, modern tools improve predictability and performance.

analytics- customer experience strategies

Calabrio Analytics

Integrate multichannel customer input to gain unprecedented visibility and control.

advanced reporting- customer experience strategies

Data Management

Visualise call centre metrics. Cross-reference data enterprise-wide. Deliver impactful insights.

Switching to Calabrio ONE led to a
76% increase in positive sentiment

Radial/Calabrio ONE Sentiment Analysis Success Story

4 Steps to Calculating the ROI on Customer Experience Intelligence

By harnessing the power of data, you can translate the voice of your customers into CX business intelligence (BI) that sets you apart from every other organisation. Download our white paper to learn more.

Getting to Grips with Scheduling Automation

Taking the next step in the scheduling process, this recorded webinar-class takes the full leap into using WFM automation for day to day workforce planning. Calabrio teaches how to schedule for different shift types and for agents working with multiple skills and channels in a day, at a more detailed time interval.

Sentiment Analysis with Calabrio ONE

Learn how three top brands innovated their customer experiences by understanding complex contact centre insights.

Case Studies for Calabrio ONE

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