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Delta Air Lines Migrates WFM to the Microsoft Azure Cloud

Easy migration to Microsoft Azure cloud

Easy schedule modifications 

Easy skill re-routing 

Fast adaptivity to changing service volumes 

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Company Delta Air Lines

Industry Travel Services

Region Global

Products Used Calabrio WFM

About Delta Air Lines

Headquartered in Atlanta, Ga., Delta Air Lines has served as many as 200 million people per year, taking customers across an industry-leading global network of up to 300 destinations in over 50 countries. Delta is the U.S. global airline leader in safety, innovation, reliability and customer experience. And that’s why Delta has led the airline industry in operational excellence while maintaining its reputation for award-winning customer service.

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Moving to the cloud helps Delta chart a new course for real-time adaptivity, 24/7 functionality and expansion


A specialised travel agency support centre , Delta Air Lines’ 24/7 global sales support centre employs more than 220 employees possessing 40-50 different skill sets who are located across six countries. That’s why Delta needed to migrate its on-prem Calabrio Workforce Management (WFM) solution to the Microsoft Azure Cloud: it needed to enable complex support centre operations that “followed the sun” while increasing the centre’s operational speed and adaptability.

Providing global support meant the existence of multiple work rules based upon skill and language—all of which required users to take quick, intelligent action in a real-time environment. In addition, Delta’s always-on, complex business required a WFM solution with real-time flexibility and advanced forecasting capabilities in order to meet business continuity requirements and customer needs. Unpredictable weather patterns, for example, can negatively affect the centre’s speed and service level by changing call volumes at a moment’s notice.

Lastly, Delta also needed a WFM solution that could work hand-in-hand with its existing automatic call distribution (ACD) system.


Delta Air Lines upgraded its Calabrio WFM solution to the Microsoft Azure Cloud, then deployed Calabrio’s Advanced WFM package—which features advanced capabilities like real-time monitoring and adaptivity—to strengthen its support centre’s operational excellence.

Calabrio WFM’s quick-action tool, for example, allows for easy schedule modifications across the globe and easy skill re-routing.

In any contact centre , you have to think about people and how they move in and out of jobs more frequently. With the cloud, it’s much easier to adjust the number of licenses at any given time.” 

Ashley Fendall –
Workforce Administrator
Delta Air Lines


Moving WFM to the cloud has solved a growing need within Delta’s service centre for high, round-the-clock functionality, and quick responsiveness and adaptivity to changing service volumes.

It also better supports future expansion. Delta Air Lines is confident that adding new support centre employees—and opening new support centre locations—will be done with speed and ease from now on.

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