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Grand Canyon Education Boosts Collaboration and Transparency with Quality Assurance Program


Increase in number of QA evaluations per month 


QA evaluations each month across 19 departments

More transparency into QA

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Company Grand Canyon Education

Industry Education

Location United States

Products Used Calabrio Call Recording & Quality Management

About Grand Canyon Education

Grand Canyon Education (GCE) is an educational service company that provides an array of support services in the post-secondary education sector. GCE has been leading educational transformation since 1983 and supports partner institutions’ students through operational functions that achieve organsational growth and student success. GCE designs programs that service their diverse student body on campus or online at the undergraduate, masters and doctoral program levels.

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Transforming contact centre quality assurance program from negative stigma to ongoing team success


Quality assurance (QA) specialists at Grand Canyon Education (GCE) lacked a valid method for determining which calls to grade. Since their existing, outdated reporting software crashed frequently and wasn’t user-friendly or accessible, they had to run reports based upon Excel spreadsheets that often lacked the specific and up-to-date data they needed. As a result, some agents were evaluated far more frequently than others—something which only added to the negative stigma often associated with contact centre QA.

When facing a hefty software upgrade fee that still wouldn’t fix their QA reporting issues, GCE contact centre leaders decided it was time to move away from Excel spreadsheets forever. They had to find a call recording service provider that could give them the powerful, flexible QA reporting they needed.


To make it easy for evaluators to search for and access online all of the calls they needed to review, GCE implemented web-based, user-friendly Calabrio ONE as the foundation for its new call recording application.

Additionally, a new, Calabrio-powered QA dashboard tells agents exactly how many of their calls were graded by QA and displays their average scores. A Calabrio-powered call library also houses hundreds of high-quality call examples categorised across a variety of dimensions, so agents can quickly find the best-practise examples they need.

Calabrio embodies the open-minded, collaborative approach we wanted to set as a QA team.”

Beth Bax –
Assistant Director, Quality Assurance
Grand Canyon Education


GCE contact centre leaders credit Calabrio with helping its QA team make better, more efficient decisions that have transformed the team’s negative stigma into widely recognised success.

Previously completing only 3,000 evaluations per month—and only for the enrollment department—the GCE QA team now completes more than 5,000 each month across 19 university departments. Agents also enjoy a new level of transparency via a QA dashboard that shows the number of their calls that were graded by QA and their resulting, average QA scores.

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