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Company Idaho Central Credit Union

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About Idaho Central Credit Union

With more than $4 billion in assets and a consistent 20% annual growth rate, Idaho Central Credit Union is the state’s premier credit union, serving the needs of over 340,000 employees, students, retirees, and a large variety of business entities within most Idaho counties.

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Predictive analytics helps increase NPS by 19% in only two months despite call spikes during COVID-19


Despite an already-impressive 60-70% Net Promoter Score (NPS), Idaho Central contact centre leaders set three aggressive 2020 goals for its organisation: grow NPS to 80-90%, improve quality assurance scores by half a percentage point and increase overall sentiment by 10%.

That’s why contact centre leaders knew they needed to quickly intervene when it was discovered the weekly, Excel-based “scorecard” email sent to agents wasn’t read by—or motivating to—most of them. To hit their 2020 goals, leaders needed a better way to make real-time quality and sentiment scores—as well as predictive NPS—available on-demand to all contact centre agents and supervisors.


First, leaders used Calabrio’s predictive analytics to analyse metadata captured from more than 1,000 calls possessing NPS feedback in order to determine predictive NPS scores for each agent.

Then—to replace the outdated, ineffective scorecard delivered via email—Idaho Central built a new, online dashboard easily accessible by any agent or supervisor at anytime. User-friendly and highly visual, the dashboard graphically presents critical, specific information regarding each agent’s real-time quality scores, overall sentiment data and predictive NPS.

We’re projected to receive more than a million phone calls this year, so predictive analytics tells us an NPS of 91% means 910,000 of those total calls will result in positive promoter scores.”

Brian Bunderson
Member Contact Centre Manager
Idaho Central Credit Union


With actionable data and real-time analytics at their fingertips, Idaho Central contact centre agents now can self-assess their customer interactions at any time, then autonomously improve their quality and service as needed, on their own.

As a result of its predictive NPS and real-time dashboard deployment, Idaho Central grew positive NPS by 19%, to 92%. This achievement exceeded 2020’s set goal of 80-90% and increased by 104,000 the number of Idaho Central members who are NPS promoters—a particularly impressive feat considering the unexpected and above-average call volumes caused by COVID-19.

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