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How Analytics Technology is Changing the Contact Centre

The contact centre as profit driver keeps popping up on lists of top business trends for 2016. Surveys show 3 in 4 organisations now view the contact centre as a key differentiator—no longer just a cost centre. Despite this big talk, most organisations are doing a terrible job of extracting business value from their contact centres.

In the last year, U.S. contact centres racked up more than 200 billion minutes of inbound calling. That’s 200B+ minutes of your customers telling you who they are and what they want. Yet, the average organisation analyses a whopping 2% of these interactions—and most of this analysis has a reactive, remedial goal.

Why are so many organisations letting their customer voice just sit there, boxed up on the shelf, instead of putting this data to work to drive proactive change? 

Because most lack the tools to capture and use the data they collect—and many are unaware the capabilities even exist. In addition to the low level of data capture, almost half of all organisations (40%) have no contact centre analytics capabilities. Just as bad: 52% of contact centres don’t share customer intelligence with the rest of the enterprise.

Fortunately, new technologies now provide intuitive functionality for harnessing the power of these customer voices.

Leading enterprises are leveraging these integrated analytics solutions to capture all of their customer interactions, transform these conversations into highly usable data, and apply smart analytics to extract meaningful insights. And they’re using these insights to do a lot more than quell unhappy customers—they’re aligning this intelligence with key goals and outcomes across the enterprise.

Here are some of the ways that leading enterprises are using customer interaction analytics to turn their contact centres into a profit driver for their organisation:

  • They’re making their agents smarter to make interactions better.
  • They’re giving sales an invaluable understanding of what their customers want.
  • They’re honing marketing efforts to get more bang for their buck.
  • They’re driving efficiency, increasing customer retention, accelerating sales, and creating new revenue opportunities.

Your customers are talking. Are you listening?

Learn more about how to turn your contact centre into a customer intelligence hub in this complimentary white paper.

As Chief Marketing Officer at Calabrio, Rebecca is responsible for lead generation and pipeline marketing, content strategy, customer marketing, and corporate communications. An unflappable veteran of Minnesota’s emerging technology industry with nearly 20 years of experience, Rebecca has been entrusted with millions in venture capital and the formidable task of building lead funnels, and differentiating and positioning entrepreneurial brands. Most recently, Rebecca was Director of Integrated Marketing for Code42—a data protection and security company—where she fueled a content-driven lead-gen strategy, customer engagement/advocacy and communications initiatives. Prior, Rebecca held marketing leadership roles at Trissential, Stellent, and Oracle. Rebecca holds a B.A. degree from the University of Wisconsin.

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