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5 Keys to Effective Performance Management

Calabrio ONE enables an intelligent, analytics-fueled approach to enterprise performance management allowing you to deliver outstanding customer experiences that drive business growth. How? By focusing on the five keys to effective performance management. Watch this video from the Calabrio Innovation Centre to learn more.


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We know organisations care about having an effective performance management solution in their contact centre.

  1. First, the performance of contact centre agents is critical to providing top-notch customer experiences. And delivering exceptional customer experiences is arguable what makes or breaks the success of a company these days.
  2. Secondly, performance management allows managers to explicitly align the goals of contact centre employees with the goals of the enterprise.
  3. Third, studies show that agents will correct their behaviour if they get clear and regular feedback on their performance.

5 Keys to Effective Performance Management Systems

First off, presenting and tracking key performance indicators. We provide agents, supervisors, and managers visibility into both pre-defined and custom built KPIs via self-service dashboards. This example here is one such dashboard, a QM Supervisor can use this to manage the performance of her team. It’s easy to see at a glance what the week-to-date and month-to-date average evaluation scores are and whether they’re hitting the mark. She can also monitor her team’s strength when it comes to various questions and identify top coaching needs. And the graph at the bottom left shows her team’s average score and how various agents are performing against the average.

Secondly, an effective performance management solution will pull in data that’s inclusive of customer and stakeholder input, financial performance, efficiency and quality of internal processes and the organisations capacity for learning and growth creating a “balanced scorecard” for a fast but comprehensive view of the business. This focused scorecard is looking at sales performance. It’s easy to see overall sales performance as well as top performers and relevant sales trends.

Thirdly, gamification can be used to encourage peer-to-peer learning and coaching. It also engages and motivates agents through competition all the while reinforcing positive behaviours. This example is a 360-degree report on the customer experience. Contacts have been scored by customers, evaluators, and the agents themselves. Beyond using this to spot discrepancies, it’s easy to add gamification like the top-rated calls by customer, agents, and supervisors. We also do adherence and evaluation score competitions so agent can earn badges.

Fourthly, coaching need to bring together performance data and let employees find relevant training. For example, in a “first 90 days” checklist, items on the top will dynamically change from green to yellow to red. This agent can not only see their performance status but can also see who some good mentors might be–these are the best performing agents in various categories. And below each category is a link to related LMS training so the agents can easily access coaching opportunities.

Finally, reporting needs to be end-to-end and Calabrio brings together reporting and BI. Our self-service tools allow users to use plain language to create, customise and visualise reports. In this example, we’re looking at a simple supervisor dashboard for his team’s performance. Red means bad, green means good. Very easy to build, understand, and use for feedback and performance improvements.

Calabrio has a performance management solution for the contact centre and checks all of the boxes on performance management:

  • KPIs
  • Balanced scorecard
  • Coaching
  • Gamification
  • Reporting

Download the brochure to learn how Calabrio ONE drives agent improvement, ensures consistent service levels and delivers stand-out customer experiences with enterprise performance management capabilities.

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