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CX Empowerment, Part 4: Cloud Gives Customers the Service Experience They Want—Anywhere, Anytime

In the first three blogs of our four-part “CX Empowerment” series, I explained:

But none of that matters if you don’t delight your customers.

Fortunately—you guessed it—cloud can help you in that regard as well. In addition to the downstream benefits the CX gets from cloud (as discussed in our first three blogs—e.g., improved agent engagement, greater agent availability and real-time operational corrections), one of the most important things cloud does for the CX is give contact centre leaders a true, 360-degree view of customers.

Here’s how.

Cloud breaks down data silos

Customers hate it when a company they do business with doesn’t know them. But that’s exactly the perception given off by disconnected data stored in separate, legacy, on-prem systems.

With cloud, you can quickly and easily achieve a 360-degree view of your customer that empowers agents to deliver a dramatically improved CX. You can unify all customer interaction data from inside and outside of your contact centre—including critical data streams from customer relationship management (CRM), automatic call distribution (ACD), workforce optimization (WFO), human resource management and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, for example—into intelligent visualisations and dashboards, so all of the insights and records an agent needs about a customer is at their disposal.

Agents no longer have to fumble back and forth between screens and applications to assemble the needed data, or risk irritating customers by asking them to repeat basic information or details about an issue. Agents are more productive, so their calls are shorter and their first-call resolution rates are higher. Most importantly—customers are happier.

Cloud enables better, richer contact centre analytics

The secrets to attracting, retaining and growing your customers are hidden within your contact centre’s millions or billions of calls, emails, texts, Tweets and chats. But legacy, on-prem contact centre analytics tools keep those secrets out of reach—they struggle to connect critical data that’s stored across different systems and generated by different communication channels.

But cloud-powered analytics—and the resulting richer, transformational insights—empower you to optimise the contact centre journey in order to deliver a superior CX. You can, for instance, more readily identify and fix common problems encountered by customers, or find ways to uplift agents to get to every single call more quickly.

In short, you can give your customers the CX they want—anywhere, anytime—and build a brand they love.

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As Chief Marketing Officer, Ross is responsible for Calabrio’s global marketing efforts, including digital marketing, demand generation and pipeline marketing, content strategy and creation, customer marketing, partner marketing, and corporate communications. Ross is also responsible for supporting Calabrio’s partners–driving strategic technology and platform partner relationships, channel programs and marketing, and developer and services partners. Prior to joining Calabrio in 2017, Ross spent 18 years at Cisco in roles encompassing product management, product marketing and marketing, including serving as the Senior Director of Collaboration Marketing for Cisco’s nearly $5B Collaboration business. Ross holds a BA in English from Harvard University and an MBA from Babson College.
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