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Customer Experience Strategies for Utility Companies

Scalable, Robust Workforce Optimization
and Powerful Voice of the Customer Analytics
for Your Utility Contact Center

Customer Experience Strategies for Utility Companies

Scalable, Robust Workforce Optimization
and Powerful Voice of the Customer Analytics
for Your Utility Contact Center

The Deregulation of the Utilities Market Exposes Customer Satisfaction Crisis

The utilities market is changing. As states continue to deregulate and alternative energy sources enter the market, the industry and customer demands are rapidly shifting. In fact, 4 in 5 customers are ready to switch to a different utilities company today.

A disconnect exists between utility companies and their customers, with 70% of utility companies believing they are customer-centric, while only 7% of customers agree. While the utilities market is not the only industry struggling to meet rising customer demands, they have much room to grow to create a better customer experience.

As a result, many utility companies are turning to voice of the customer intelligence to get ahead of customer wants and needs. And nowhere is the voice of the customer heard better than in the contact center, with utility companies taking hundreds of consumer calls a day.

However, analyzing all these calls can be challenging. This is where Calabrio can help. Calabrio analytics helps utility providers analyze 100% of customer interactions.

We have created an intuitive technology that is easy-to-use and helps you identify dissatisfied customers and areas of improvement. More importantly, our reporting function allows you to build custom dashboards to measure critical KPIs such as Net Promoter Scores and overall customer sentiment.

View the resources below to see how Calabrio has helped other utility companies like Superior Propane to drive growth through the contact center. You can also download our ebook to learn six ways utility providers can improve the customer experience.

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Read how Superior Propane utilized Calabrio’s advanced desktop and speech analytics to collect insights on frequently used phrases during customer and agent conversations.

72% of utilities customers say they’d pay more for a better customer experience

79% of utility providers believe they are customer-centric

4 in 5 utilities customers are prepared to switch to an unknown provider

A fully integrated agent & customer engagement suite.

Calabrio ONE

What can we help you with?

Call Recording

Capture and retrieve every call quickly and accurately.

red graphic representing quality management with cloud

Quality Management

Evaluate every citizen interaction to gain powerful insights.

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Workforce Management

Improve predictability and performance to optimize staffing.

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Calabrio Analytics

Synchronize data for unprecedented visibility and control.

Utilities Case Studies for Calabrio ONE

How to Drive a Competitive Advantage Through the Contact Center

The utilities industry is in the midst of drastic changes. With state-side deregulations and disruption from alternative energy sources, the market and consumer demands are changing rapidly. View our infographic below to learn what utilities companies can do to gain a competitive advantage through the contact center.

Utility Providers: 6 Strategies to Improve the Customer Experience

As one of the oldest and steadiest industries in the U.S., the utility market remained largely unchanged over the past century. However, things are changing. Download our Ebook to read more.

Republic Services Increases Sales and Revenue with Calabrio ONE

Republic Services supports customers in 2,800 cities across the United States and fields more than 14 million customer service inquiries each year. Read the full Case Study.

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