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The Customer Experience Help Desk

Customer Experience is something everyone -from the CEO to the newest hire- should be focused on. A positive customer experience is critical for your organization’s success. Learn tips and tricks of the trade you and your agents can put to work right away.

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How to Demonstrate Active Listening on the Phone

Over the phone, customers can’t hear your agents nodding or taking notes. Here are ways they can let customers know they’re listening.

Saving a Customer After a Bad Experience

Learn how top performers solve customers’ issues after a bad customer experience and what they do to salvage those relationships.

Dealing with The Misinformed Customer

Of all the customers you help, the misinformed can be the most frustrating. Find out how to deal with them effectively.

The Power of Positive Phrases

There is magic in saying “yes and …” instead of “no.” Even when customers request things that aren’t possible, telling them what you CAN do makes all the difference.

Projecting Confidence When Speaking

Learn three things you can do to sound more confident when you’re talking with customers on the phone.

The Disrespectful Customer

Of all the customers you help, a disrespectful customer can be the most upsetting. Find out how to deal with them effectively.

Building Rapport Using Polite Language

By the time customers call the contact center, they are often frustrated. Using polite language costs nothing, builds good will and helps make the interaction easier.

Apologizing Well

This video reveals the steps needed for agents to make an effective apology to an upset customer, without bad-mouthing the company or making the situation worse.

The Confused Customer

Confused customers can take a toll on an agent’s patience. Watch this video to discover the best to ways to deal with them.

How to Use Acknowledgement Statements

Learn about acknowledgement statements and how they help agents recognize customer emotions and build relationships.

Avoid Alienating Your Customers by Avoiding Jargon

Customers don’t know the technical terms and industry concepts contact center agents know. Learn how to speak in a more understandable way.

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