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Moving Beyond Raw NPS to Deal with Conflicting Metrics

Discover how analytics can help your company avoid major missteps when improving NPS doesn’t match your stagnate sales numbers.

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What to do when your NPS improvement doesn’t contribute to sales growth?

The Problem

Your NPS scores have been solidly improving over the past two years but revenue growth has stagnated. Everyone says NPS is the most important metric for modern organizations and strong predictor of sales. So what gives? Marketing already sends a personal follow-up response to each detractor identified from the surveys to determine what specific issues we need to resolve, and they also follow-up with promoters to ask them to leave online reviews. Is it time to give up on NPS?

Without Analytics

Well without analytics it’s really hard to say. Most organizations will sort of shrug their shoulders: NPS is up but sales are flat. Ok so we don’t know how to deal with this conflicting information so we are just going to play the blame game. It’s not our problem the NPS is good, it must be the economy, or industry trends, or competitors’ growth, or our sales team is inexperience. Blame blame blame. Now, some organizations will tackle this paradoxical info by attempt to raise their response rates. In this case, the NPS response rate is 15%, which is not fantastic but typical for our market. So maybe we can bump that NPS up to 20% but will that really help us figure out what the issues is?

With Analytics

With Calabrio analytics we can use machine learning to go beyond the 15% that responded to our survey and instead accurately predict the NPS scores of every single contact. These predictions give us insight to what is actually going on with NPS and sales. It turns out our NPS is not improving. There is a very strong response bias toward customers on either end of the NPS spectrum. Not that surprising people that either had a fantastic or horrible experience are more likely to leave feedback but what the raw NPS results are missing is that there are now more somewhat dissatisfied customers. In other 85% we found many customers not angry enough to tell us about it but still negatively influencing our brand. Armed with this insight we can now start to dive into the issue facing the middle of the road customers. By predicting the NPS of all calls we can now also follow-up with all distractors to develop targeted intervention programs. We can also reach out all our promoters to get more of the good word about our company. Lastly, we can develop training based on best practices from agents who are consistently facilitating excellent customer experiences.

How It Works

So how did Calabrio Analytics allow you to do this? Well, we have the capability to capture all sorts of data, but in this case we captured over a dozen agent data point, and another dozen or so call statistics, plus the survey NPS results. The tool learns from all of your customer interactions to turn your unique data points into trends and those trends into predictive models of NPS. The result is we predict NPS score for all your contacts. And the software actually continues to grow and get smarter as more contacts and surveys are analyzed. I can monitor the NPS for all of our contacts from the predictive NPS dashboard. Once I noticed something of interest I’m able to drill down into the results and find the specifics of what is happening.

Move Beyond Just Raw NPS

Don’t let survey response rate derail your efforts. Whether your NPS today is high, low, or somewhere in between don’t plan your next move without getting the whole picture. Let Calabrio Analytics show you what the other 85% of your customer think of you so you can worry about improving your detractors experience and reaching more promoters.

This video was one way analytics can help you make better decisions. Calabrio ONE allows you to utilize all the data you are already capturing in you contact center and puts it to use across the organization.

Calabrio Analytics addresses the major business drivers facing the modern workplace such as:

  • Customer Engagement
  • Risk Management & Compliance
  • Employee Optimization
  • Sales Acceleration
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Marketing Insights & Brand Alignment

For more examples of the value of analytics please check out the videos below, check out our Resource Center or contact your account manager. Have more questions? Contact Us.

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