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Level Up Your Contact Center Performance with BI in 2022

Standing in the first part of a new year, there is a new chance to evolve your contact center.

Our CEO, Tom Goodmanson, recently identified some of the major trends that we’ve seen leading into this year. I wanted to highlight a few of those trends, and show how enhancements in Business Intelligence can help you take advantage of them.

Now is the time to set a strong course in 2022 — and make sure you are getting the right information for improving customer experience.

Getting BI From the Contact Center

Tom talked about how business leaders began to unearth valuable data from their contact centers in 2021 — and that the process has only just begun:

“Smart business leaders in 2021 began to see those analytics-based insights as not just an invaluable training or quality assurance tool, but instead a treasure trove of customer information. To be specific, many modern contact centers utilize “voice-of-the-customer” technology to record and parse out key words and phrases. These interactions can even be analyzed with AI-driven sentiment analytics to automatically identify if a customer has a positive or negative sentiment during the interaction. Yet these insights should not remain sitting as an untapped secret in the contact center.”

Keeping up with modern contact center demands can be challenging, especially since you need to deliver excellent customer service while keeping “work from anywhere” agents engaged and trained. Yet less than one-third of businesses report that they can produce an accurate scorecard with the key metrics needed to show contact center performance.

This is where tools like Enterprise CXI come in. One example is through the Contact Center Customer Effort dashboard, which shows handle time, hold time, service level, and abandon rates that can be compared to NPS and the rate of calls with positive sentiment to see how the call metrics are impacting your CSAT. Check out more about Enterprise CXI here.

The Need for Simplicity in a Complex Era

Another major trend that Tom mentioned relates to an increasing level of complexity within workforce engagement management. It’s only getting more complex from here:

“Aiming for simplicity will help keep agents happy and business operations running smoothly and, as previously discussed, keeping agents happy is of the utmost importance in today’s work landscape. One of the best routes to simplification in the era of complexity is to lean into technology. Look for ways that technology can assist or even eliminate manual tasks. Also look for ways that technology can make customer service smarter, because smarter customer service is better customer service. The cloud is particularly relevant here.”

Whether your data lives in silos due to structural issues, or simply because your organization’s growth has resulted in multiple, incompatible systems, you’ll need to reduce this complexity. This is where voice-of-the-customer BI solutions like Calabrio Data Management come in — especially when unified with the full Calabrio ONE suite. You can deliver immediate value across your business, improve the customer experience, enhance workforce engagement, accelerate sales, enable customer center marketing and more. Check out more about Calabrio Data Management here.

I wish you the best here in 2022. Now, let’s work together to build a more efficient (and less complex) workforce engagement experience.

Craig has over 20 years’ experience in the Business Intelligence software industry, most notably working with over 700 software partners as head of pre-sales for the OEM division of Crystal Reports, later acquired by Business Objects and SAP. Prior to joining Calabrio, he was Vice President of Customer Success at Stytch, the cloud reporting platform for Symmetrics Business Intelligence, and Worldwide Director of Presales at 90 Degree Software, a report writing technology acquired by Microsoft to enhance SQL Server Reporting Services. In addition, Craig spent several years in the CRM community, as Director of Sales Engineering with GaleForce Solutions, working with financial services industry leaders using Microsoft CRM.
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